Karlsson Projection Clock

by Edwin

Projection clocks are nothing new, but there are new iterations from time to time – although you would not expect the technological jump to be as drastic as that of a computer or smartphone. The Karlsson Projection Clock that comes in either black or silver shades are now available for pre-order (shipping commences a couple of days later) for £69.99 each, and what can you expect out of them? Never …

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Garmin Forerunner 610 sports watch

by Edwin

Do you participate in triathlons as though it was a walk in the park? Those who nod their head in agreement would want to get a timepiece that is capable of living up to their highly active lifestyle – we’re talking about the Garmin Forerunner 610 sports watch. As you know, Garmin deals mostly with GPS navigation systems, and when they aren’t dreaming up of better ways to let you …

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Devon Tread 1 Watch

by Edwin

You can be rich, and then there is the category of being super rich. While the former would mean getting this timepiece without causing too much damage to your bank accounts, the latter would probably scoff at the amount as being “cheap”. Just what kind of watch are we talking about here? The Devon Tread 1 Watch, of course, which will burn a £15,000 hole in your pocket. This just …

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Check out this Konect USB watch!

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is the Konect USB watch, and it appears to be designed for our post watch era. Seriously, I haven’t used a watch since I got my cellular phone, and I’m guessing that I am not alone. The Konect comes with a slot for a USB drive, and it does more than just keep it safe. The user will be able to access any tunes that …

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The Video Surveillance Clock Sees All

by Julie

In this day and age, we have the ability to know everything that’s going on in our lives, even when you’re not there. With the advent of the surveillance camera, we have become privy to whats happening in our streets and shops, or even what our kids are up to while they’re at pre-school. Parking lots, airports, the grocery store, somebody is always watching us. It got me to wondering, …

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Do Gong Alarm Clocks ring the bell?

by Mark R

These are some Gong Alarm Clocks, and they are designed for the Wrestling and Boxing fans in your life. They are modeled after the ringside bells that are at these matches, and I am not certain how they work. Allow me to explain. According to my Source, the wrestling alarm clock sounds for 3 counts before it counts you out before it sounds the gong. As for the other boxing …

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The IQ alarm clock

by Mark R

I don’t know about you, but I can’t really figure out at what point in time to I become truly awake. We once covered devices like the SleepTracker that find the primary “wakeup point” of the user, but this IQ Alarm has a different idea. Imagine if you had an alarm that puts you in a mentally ready state so that you will want to get up, because you are …

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Insignia’s Infocast – The Facebook, Internet Radio, YouTube, WiFi Alarm Clock?

by Julie

I was thinking, with all the high tech stuff I have, why is it that I still have one of those alarm clocks that starts my day with a decidedly low tech “click” followed by the dreaded, increasingly louder “beep beep beep”? I mean seriously, shouldn’t I be able to do better than that? Today I am chucking that thing out the window and getting Insignia’s Infocast, the coolest thing …

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