Star Wars: 3D Darth Vader Helmet Wall Clock

by Edwin

Darth Vader strikes fear in to most people in the galaxy – after all, he is the Dark Lord of the Sith who has blown up planets to bits using the Death Star without shedding a tear. Having said that, what kind of devices that bears his namesake do you think will be able to sell? Plenty, actually. The Star Wars: 3D Darth Vader Helmet Wall Clock that you see …

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Sprout Biodegradable Watch

by Edwin

Sorry to cover news about timepieces today, but I surely could not let the $34 Sprout Biodegradable Watch pass by on my watch! Why so, you ask? Well, if you are the type who has taken all the efforts to go green, why not do the same with a watch? Most of us would think that watches are made out mostly of metal and plastic, and the more expensive ones …

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Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch

by Edwin

Most of us wear a watch for a two-fold reason – it not only helps you keep track of the current time, but it will also make you look a whole lot better by accessorizing with the rest of your outfit. Well, what happens when you get the Mirror Universe LED Digital Watch? The name itself is pretty self-explanatory – this mirrored face of a timepiece will hide the current …

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Atom Watch – you don’t have to be a mutant to own one

by Edwin

Have you watched X-Men: First Class already? If your answer is no, I would suggest you have a go at it – after all, it isn’t every day that a superhero story is played back, showing off the more human side of things while concentrating more on relationships and their dynamics mixed with ideology instead of just plenty of adrenaline pumping special effects. So what if you aren’t a mutant …

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WeWood Chrono Watch

by Edwin

While many of us use our phones these days to tell the time, there are others who still prefer the more traditional method of wearing a watch. Of course, such a timepiece might be made out of classic metal, but how about getting closer to nature with the WeWood Chrono Watch from ThinkGeek? This unique timepiece is made out from 100% natural wood, helping you feel better after you decide …

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The Cool Watch without a Face

by Al

I am something of a watch geek, this latest one looks pretty cool, the faceless watch. This is the watch that tells time with liquid crystal displays built into the band. Blending seamlessly into the watch’s stainless steel links, the four disguised LCDs are only detected when they illuminate to form red digital numbers at the press of a button. The top row displays the hour and the lower row …

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Cadence 4-Bit Chronograph Watch

by Edwin

Do you love collecting timepieces as a hobby? For the more notable names in the industry, this can end up being a pretty expensive hobby, but the Cadence Watch Company has something special for you watch lovers in the form of the new 4-Bit Chronograph Watch. Not only does it look subtle, but it is also classy that notches up a point for geeks who want to impress their dates …

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GroClock sleep trainer helps kid hit the sack on time

by Edwin

Getting your kids to establish a healthy sleeping pattern can be quite challenging in this day and age, especially with so many distractions around to keep them awake such as modern toys, the iPod, handheld consoles and TV programs. You as an adult too might play a role here in influencing your child to sleep late because you have a similar pattern, but enter the GroClock to help you train …

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