Phosphor World Time Sport Watch

by Mark R

This is the World Time Sport from Phosphor watches, and it has an E INK display. I am assuming that this makes it unique, but one of the things that I think make it unique is that there are no buttons. In the place of buttons are finger swipes that I found quite difficult to work. Seriously, I finally figured out that one is for switching of modes and another …

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Edifier’s Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock/Speaker

by Mark R

Considering that most of us are using our mobile devices for alarm clocks, Edifier decided to maximize the alarm clock feature with their Tick Tock series. We have discussed the Tick Tock series before, and I got a chance to try out the Tick Tock Bluetooth. Yes, it looks like an old-fashioned alarm clock, and yes, it has those two bell shaped things on top, but they don’t ring. No, …

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Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

by Edwin

Want to wake up naturally, and by that, I do not mean having Rover lick your face till it is all wet before you finally roll out of bed? The £89.99 Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 might be able to help you out here, as there is no irritating clattering bell that jolts you out of your sleep, but rather, wakes your body up the way nature wanted it to. The …

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Click Dip-Switch Watch

by Edwin

Here is a way for you to roll back the years if you were born in the 1980s – and I do not mean playing Pac-Man over and over again, or making sure there are Mario Bros. decals all over your room. No sir, I’m referring to the $149.99 Click Dip-Switch Watch which works just as the name suggests – it will feature dip switches that will activate different functions …

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Cadence watch goes all mathematical

by Edwin

I know that time can be measured, where for the most of us, it is displayed on the watch that we wear on our wrists. While analog watches did once lose out in popularity to digital models in the past, they have sort of made a comeback over the years. Old is gold, I guess, and this saying holds true for watches. Cadence intends to engage the more cerebral purchasers …

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Tick Tock iPhone Alarm Clock

by Edwin

I must take my hats off to the traditional alarm clocks that tend to create quite a din in an effort to get you up and running to face a brand new day, but after a while, their incessant ringing might actually help you get out of bed – on the wrong side, unfortunately. Don’t you think it would be better if you could wake up to a tune of …

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Sprout Eco Friendly Watch Review

by Edwin

When we talk about going green, the usual suspects tend to come into mind – electric or hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and the lesser known Honda Insight. Apart from that there are also items such as solar powered devices ranging from phones to netbooks, but how about timepieces? Of course, one could technically argue that since a phone is more often than not the primary timepiece for …

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Cadence Ecomatic Sport Watch

by Edwin

The ladies have their handbags and shoes to drool over, but we men have watches. Well, for the majority of us, to own a watch from one of the high end branded names remains a pipe dream simply because we’d much rather drive around a car than to have the same amount of money being exchanged for a shining timepiece on our wrists. Good thing there are different levels of …

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