Keypad Hidden Time Watch

by Edwin

Now here is a timepiece that would definitely get people thinking when they take a look at your wrist – after all, the $99.99 Keypad Hidden Time Watch is far different from what we have seen so far, where it will tell the time in either the 12 or 24 hour format, depending on what floats your boat, alongside the date. You can opt for either black or ivory shades …

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Verbarius Digitless Clock

by Edwin

Back in the early days, men used a sundial to tell the time of the day, relying on just how far the shadow has fallen. However, technological advancements and an inquisitive mind has seen time telling transform to use hands, and the analog clock was soon challenged by the digital format. However, with the $189.99 Verbarius Digitless Clock, the name says it all – it will not contain any digits, …

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Weather Station Keychain – Always be Prepared

by Julie

I know what you’re thinking… If you’ve got your keys in your hand and you’re somewhere outside, it certainly doesn’t take a portable weather station to give you a glimpse into your weather future. But don’t knock it till you hear everything that this handy little gizmo has to offer. This ordinary sized keychain provides you with the weather forecast, moon phase, temperature and humidity. It functions as both a …

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ivee Digit alarm clock – Siri in a box?

by Edwin

Have any of you experienced Siri on iOS 5? I am quite sure that the initial moments spent with Siri are very tender, and chances are, your experience would have remained stuck with you for a long time to come. After all, how often is it before Siri and iOS 5 that one is able to converse in a rather natural manner to one’s smartphone, and the software will be …

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Game Show Clock

by Edwin

“Wheel….of….Fortune!!!” Remember that zany game show from the early 1980s, where Pat Sajak and the ever lovely Vanna White (also the world’s most frequent TV clapper) kept us glued to our seats as we attempted to solve puzzle after puzzle in the classic gameshow. Well, time has certainly passed in the two decades, and while such game shows are no longer drawing in the audience quite unlike reality TV, you …

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the Ramos Alarm Clock – When Oversleeping is simply NOT an Option.

by Julie

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m a serial “alarm setter”. What this means is that if I have an important event, like catching a plane or a court appearance (never been to court, and I wasn’t speeding anyway) I not only set my regular alarm clock, but one or two backup alarms, just in case the regular one doesn’t wake me up. Its a horrible little obsessive habit, but …

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Even Time is Better…In 3D

by Al

KickStarter continues to gain momentum as more and more pledges get fledgling products launched. One of the latest hits takes a creative and modern approach to telling time. The Manifold Clock is on the verge of production. Its unique design is not only artistic, but accurate. It will start a conversation or keep you on time for work.

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Cadence 4-bit Binary Ecomatic watch review

by Edwin

You know the theme these days – everyone wants to go green. I reviewed the organic Sprout watch in the past, where the only gripe was not having a built-in rechargeable battery, and with the Cadence 4-bit Binary Ecomatic watch, the tables are turned – the watch itself is not organic (although the built quality is far superior), but you virtually do not need to replace the battery as long …

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