Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock

by Edwin

I would presume that most of us rely on our smartphones as our alarm clocks, since we get to choose the kind of ringtone to wake up to. However, there are others who would like a dedicated alarm clock to get the job done, as it has always been that way, so it is nice to have it continue. Well, since we have moved on to voice commands in our …

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Tetris Alarm Clock

by Edwin

“I say, mate, isn’t it time for a game of Tetris?” That would be a great line to say out loud, assuming your living room or office cubicle (during your lunch break, of course, otherwise I am quite sure those productivity-driven bosses and upper levels of management will not be too amused) carries this cute looking £24.99 Tetris Alarm Clock. Yes sir, the name of the Tetris Alarm Clock says …

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Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Waking up every morning during the work week can be a chore for some, especially when you do not have the kind of job that you enjoy. Well, there are times when you wish could wake up on time though, and the right alarm clock would definitely go a long way in helping. Enter the $129.95 Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock, where it is said to be able to gently awaken …

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Turntable Metal Wristwatch

by Edwin

Want to tell the time in a cool and classic way? This is where the $79.99 Turntable Metal Wristwatch comes in handy – it makes for an ideal gift for those who are part of the old school audio thought, where they accurately captured the art of the DJ, in addition to the fandom of the audiophile – right down to the most minute of details. I guess technology is …

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Void Watch Retro Gauge Stainless

by Edwin

There are timepieces which are laden with jewels and such, but if you do not happen to have the kind of deep pockets that warrant such luxurious purchases, then perhaps something more down to earth is in line for the average Joe? Enter the $199.99 Void Watch Retro Gauge Stainless – while it is not exactly the cheapest timepiece available on the market, you know for sure that this is …

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Wall Switch Watch tells the time differently

by Edwin

Forget about the Tissot, Rolex or Tag Heuer, those are luxury timepieces that cost thousands of dollars, and can be passed off as family heirlooms as well. Unfortunately, they are way too formal for my liking, and you cannot really wear those with just a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt. Instead, if you are one who is way more casual, you might want to look into something different that …

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ConnecteDevice cookoo watch hits Kickstarter

by Edwin

The next time you wear your watch, you might want to take a closer look at it. Just how does your timepiece affect your everyday life? Apart from it telling you the right time when you need it at a glance, are there moments when you wished that it could have done more – much, much more? I believe the answer comes in the affirmative, and for those who feel …

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The Iron iPod Speaker – Really?

by Julie

Obviously I spend a whole lot of time perusing the Internet looking for the latest and greatest stuff, okay, its not always the greatest, but for the most part its has some fun factor. I often find things and think to myself, why? and how did they get so far with an idea that they actually produced and sold it? I have a lot of great ideas, needless to say …

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