Future LEGO Clock?

by Alison

If you are a frequent visitor to CG odds are that you have tinkered with something in your life. Maybe you tried to make your mom’s frying pan into a flying saucer. Or maybe you created a robot that would take your clothes to the hamper. Not all of the tinkering succeeds. But our minds keep trying!

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Bi-Directional Interval Watch Winder

by Edwin

Women have their shoes and handbags, but what do we guys have? Well, for starters, there is the $199.95 Bi-Directional Interval Watch Winder that does what it says it does – and it does it well, of course. This particular watch winder will allow you to change its direction as well as rest interval so that a self-winding wristwatch will be able to keep accurate time, never mind that it …

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Radiation Detecting Watch

by Edwin

You might be living in a peaceful country, but bear in mind that there is always the threat of nuclear warfare breaking out at any time no thanks to some renegade failed states, insane regimes as well as established nuclear powers who are too jittery. For those who are paranoid androids, being totally afraid of a radiation fallout wherever you go, then the $1,500 Radiation Detecting Watch does sound like …

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ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Most alarm clocks are passive throughout the day, except for the time when it needs to wake you up from your pleasant slumber with an incessant ring. That is when the fun begins, as you shut it up only for the Snooze function to “reply” you a few minutes later. Well, say hello to your new clock with the £49.99 ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock, where it comes in a …

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Boombox Metal Wristwatch

by Edwin

Now here is a “boomtastic” timepiece to wear around your wrist, where it merges the old school with the new. The $89.99 Boombox Metal Wristwatch comes with an LCD digital time display, allowing you to read the time at but a glance. Sure, it is not going to consume a whole lot of D batteries unlike boomboxes of old, and it will be unable to play back your favorite MP3s …

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Executive Motherboard Desk Clock

by Edwin

What do you do when you have some old circuitry lying around that you do not want to throw away, and yet figured out that there should be a new lease of life for it? Well, I guess those with a more creative slant can always come up with something different, using their hands to fashion a cool new product from what was previously unwanted. The folks over at Thinkgeek …

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Tetris Animated Alarm Clock

by Edwin

What helps you get out from bed in the mornings? Does it have anything to do with that pet dog of you who slobbers all over your face, signalling that it is time to roll out of bed and be ready to meet a brand new day? Well, most folks would prefer the use of an alarm clock, even better yet is if the alarm clock itself comes with a …

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Handpainted Zombie Clock – Time for the Apocalypse

by Julie

We have the house all ready for Halloween, the candy has been purchased and the pumpkins are lit in the windows. I feel like there just might be room for one more spooky item, I think I have just the thing… Check out the gloriously (or should that be gory-ously) hand-painted Zombie Clock. Whether it be for the mantle of your abandoned farmhouse or your deserted city home, the Zombie …

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