Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock Stereo

by Edwin

A dedicated alarm clock is something that not everyone owns these days, simply because our smartphone carries a plethora of functions that makes a slew of other once useful devices obsolete. I’m referring to the portable media player and the alarm clock, and today, we shall take a closer look at what kind of value that the $79.99 Tick Tock Bluetooth Alarm Clock Stereo is able to deliver right out …

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Verbarius Clock – is it time for a new clock?

by Edwin

Most of the time (pun not intended), we tell the time through a clock or watch as I do not know anyone who uses a sundial these days, and these tend to veer towards the digital or analog timepieces. How about a different take this time around? I am referring to the £149.99 Verbarius Clock, which does away with hands or numbers – in fact, you will just need your …

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NERF Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Having trouble waking up because you are more or less immune to alarm clocks these days, not to mention the almighty snooze button working in your favor as it causes you to prolong your sleep until you are perpetually late for work? Well, there is some home with the £14.99 NERF Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock, as it will help you keep your eyes open the moment it rings …

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Dorm Room Devices

by Alison

No dorm room is complete without these unique additions.

Be On Time, If You Think Fast

Quick! What is 198/66? It’s time for your next class! Distance to the center of the Milky Way (in kpc)? Time to go out! The Pop Quiz Clock will make you and your dormmates double take – and think – when telling time. This 11.5” diameter wall clock is available in both math and science versions for just $26.99 at ThinkGeek.com. With a chalkboard feel and painted equations fits into any quirky environment. So keep yourself sharp, and on time.



Keep a Case (and More) Cool

Dorm room fridges inevitably store more than just canned beverages. You’ve got leftovers, milk, water, science projects. Cans however deserve their own space. A good college student always has chilled cans of their favorite drink on the ready. The $139.99 Koolatron 28-can Capacity Fridge, available on Amazon, can keep you chillin’. This lightweight, Coca-Cola themed device conveniently fits on a counter or on the floor. Thermoelectric cooling means no noisy compressor. And with a separate adaptor it can even go in the car. Shelves are removable should the need exist. And an LED readout with front panel controls mean your bevies will always be the temperature you want.


Let’s Whiteboard It 

College becomes the land of roommate communication, group projects and creative artwork. So dorm room should be complete without a whiteboard. Whether small, for leaving messages, or floor-to-ceiling to plan your future multi-million dollar startup a reusable surface is convenient. WhiteyBoard prepares you for whatever your need is with a variety of stick-on whiteboards. Their unique whiteboard sticker means you can apply it anywhere! Walls, doors, floors, ceilings, you name it and WhiteyBoard – founded by guys when they were in college – is there. Small WhiteyBoards start at $9.99 and run over $100, depending on size. So visit WhiteyBoard and find the perfect fit for your room. Don’t want to stick? No problem. Dry Erase paint is also available so you can turn the entire wall into your canvas.

Wall Switch Watch

by Edwin

The next time someone asks you for the time, you might want to flip a switch. Wait a minute here, you say, what do you mean by “flip a switch”? Aren’t most, if not all, timepieces supposed to tell you the time at but a glance without the need to press a fancy button? Not so with the $99.99 Wall Switch Watch, where it will sport an old school switch …

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Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock

by Edwin

I would presume that most of us rely on our smartphones as our alarm clocks, since we get to choose the kind of ringtone to wake up to. However, there are others who would like a dedicated alarm clock to get the job done, as it has always been that way, so it is nice to have it continue. Well, since we have moved on to voice commands in our …

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Tetris Alarm Clock

by Edwin

“I say, mate, isn’t it time for a game of Tetris?” That would be a great line to say out loud, assuming your living room or office cubicle (during your lunch break, of course, otherwise I am quite sure those productivity-driven bosses and upper levels of management will not be too amused) carries this cute looking £24.99 Tetris Alarm Clock. Yes sir, the name of the Tetris Alarm Clock says …

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Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Waking up every morning during the work week can be a chore for some, especially when you do not have the kind of job that you enjoy. Well, there are times when you wish could wake up on time though, and the right alarm clock would definitely go a long way in helping. Enter the $129.95 Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock, where it is said to be able to gently awaken …

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