Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

by Edwin

The Doctor is in… especially if you are a huge fan of the Doctor Who series. Well, I am quite sure that you will not find it difficult to wake up from your sleep in order to catch an episode of Doctor Who on TV, but sometimes, getting up from your bed so that you can arrive at your office on time is far more of a Mission Impossible than …

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Equation Watch tells the time using math

by Edwin

When I was a kid, I used to wonder just why am I studying all of the different mathematical formulas when I do not need to use them in real life? Oh, the naivety of it all! It seems that mathematics keep the world going, as they envelop just about every single bit of our life. The way physics calculations work, those require math. How about the best meal you’ve …

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Countdown Clock

by Alison

Have you booked a vacation for the year yet? Theories exist that say planning and looking forward to a big event like a trip can help improve your health. Makes sense. Even something as small as a day off or party can keep our spirits up. It gives us something to focus on aside from the day to day routine and stresses. And a simple reminder of that upcoming relief …

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Time & Wireless Charging Station

by Edwin

Everyone should own some sort of bedside clock to help them keep time whenever they snooze late into the morning, or just to know at what bewitching hour they keep on getting up at night, as though there was some sort of spiritual force oppressing them, so that they can share all the details with the visiting exorcist. Well, other than that, just simply having a clock is a must …

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Orbiting Rings Watch

by Edwin

I am a firm believer that every person should have at the very least one timepiece that they can be proud of to wear around their wrist. Of course, if you were to dive into the high end world of Rolex, Piaget and Patek, that would burn more than just a huge hole in your pocket, you could in fact be wearing a car on your wrist, with some cash …

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Martian Watch offers Bluetooth voice command at your disposal

by Edwin

Many years ago, when the mobile phone was something large and unwieldy, there was this future-forward comic known as Dick Tracy, and he had this new kind of watch which doubled up as a mobile phone. Certainly the stuff of dreams, but as we plunge headlong into the 21st century, we realize that a watch cum mobile phone is not exactly the most fun or practical device to own, and …

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Base Two Binary Clock

by Edwin

Everyone needs a clock of sorts to tell the time, but with the modern day smartphone and tablet being a staple device for most folks we have ended up relying on them to help us tell the time. The watch has become a fashion accessory (and an investment for those who fork out thousands for it) instead of being a staple contraption that you wear around your wrist, but there’s …

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Giant Display Alarm Clock

by Edwin

There are alarm clocks, and then there are alarm clocks. For starters, the $89.95 Giant Display Alarm Clock that you see on the right will be able to show off the time in large 4” digits which can be viewed easily from right across the room. Of course, if you own a castle, then “room” would be the wrong word to describe where you place the Giant Display Alarm Clock, …

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