Ticker Watches tell the time in style

by Edwin

There are watches, and then there are watches. Depending on just which side of the divide you stand on, there are different timepieces to cater for numerous personalities that we have walk the planet each morning. Some folks cannot be bothered to wear a watch as they have their smartphone and tablet to keep watch of the time, while others feel that there is nothing quite like flicking your wrist …

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Giant Articulated Roboclock

by Edwin

A clock is just a clock, or is it? Actually, the answer would be no, as there are many different kinds of clocks out there that has certainly taken a different route from what we are so used to. With the $149.99 Giant Articulated Roboclock, things are a little bit different, where it is equipped with its very own set of articulated limbs and to add that bit of menacing …

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All Day Fitness Watch

by Edwin

Do you wear a watch to keep the time? Assuming that you do without having to rely on your smartphone to get the job done, how about making sure that your timepiece too, is able to help you out in making sure you remain fit as a fiddle. Of course, wearing a watch is not going to automatically exercise your body on your behalf, but the $99.95 All Day Fitness …

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Magellan GPS watches arrive in Europe

by Edwin

Dedicated GPS navigation devices have been around for quite some time already, although there is the very real and present danger of such a niche market to go out of vogue with the plethora of devices these days (smartphones and tablets, especially) that already come with their fair share of built-in GPS navigation capability, hence doing away with the need for a dedicated GPS device. Still, companies like TomTom and …

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EU Watches help you tell the time in style

by Edwin

I know that with the advent of smartphones and tablets, not many people bother to buy a watch anymore to tell the time. Most of the time, the devices that we use, as well as computers that we sit in front of, will have a clock program built-in so that you know whether it is time to punch out and head home, or to take a break for lunch. Having …

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Snooze iPhone dock

by Edwin

Don’t you think that the world is now a better place with the introduction of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter? Well, BiteMyApple.co is an online retailer whose speciality lies in exclusive Kickstarter products for Apple accessories, and they have now begun to ship the highly anticipated Snooze iPhone dock. The Snooze iPhone dock will play nice with the latest iPhone 5 as well as the older iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S …

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Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

by Edwin

The Doctor is in… especially if you are a huge fan of the Doctor Who series. Well, I am quite sure that you will not find it difficult to wake up from your sleep in order to catch an episode of Doctor Who on TV, but sometimes, getting up from your bed so that you can arrive at your office on time is far more of a Mission Impossible than …

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Equation Watch tells the time using math

by Edwin

When I was a kid, I used to wonder just why am I studying all of the different mathematical formulas when I do not need to use them in real life? Oh, the naivety of it all! It seems that mathematics keep the world going, as they envelop just about every single bit of our life. The way physics calculations work, those require math. How about the best meal you’ve …

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