Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch

by Edwin

So you are currently indulging in your daily exercise regime that has a careful balance of cardio as well as strength building sessions in order to keep up your fitness and maintain a prime physical condition regardless of your age. In the past, there weren’t too many tools that one was able to make use of in order to keep track of one’s progress, but fast forward to the 21st …

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Vibration Alarm Dress Watch

by Edwin

Are you the kind that wears watches to tell the time, or you have become part of the 21st century office workforce who has no need for a watch other than to accessorize your dressing, considering how just about every single digital device out there comes with a built-in clock function? Well, if you still think more traditionally and want to add a new watch to your collection, how about …

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Will Return Clock will confuse your guests

by Chris

People close to me are well aware that I’m someone who likes a good laugh. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get a rise out of people, and sometimes that means buying something silly, for no other reason that this. Well if you’re anything like me, then I might have just the clock for you.

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Tick Talk Wall Clock lets you customize your clock face

by Chris

What Time is it? These days, when you ask someone this simple question, they reach for their phone. Now 20 years ago, not many people would have thought to pick up a phone to check the hour. Back then, you just looked at the watch on your wrist, or the clock on the wall. Some people might look at their VCR, but most of those just blinked 12:00 all the …

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Meteor smartwatch by Kreyos

by Edwin

When it comes to the smartwatch industry, you could say that this is still a young market which is relatively untapped, but finding the correct killer combination of hardware as well as software is the secret recipe that has yet to be discovered. Sure, Android has their champion in the form of the Pebble timepiece, and there are also whispers that Apple might come up with an iOS-powered iWatch. Still, …

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Retro Digital Flip Clock takes you back in time

by Chris

If you’ve been around the block a few times, then you’ll understand just how much technology has changed over the years. Just look at something as simple as your average alarm clock. These days most of them are digital, with glowing numbers staring back at you. If you go back and look at one that say, your parents had as a kid, you’d probably see one of two things. Either …

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Tom Dixon’s new watches under the Eclectic Collection

by Edwin

I think that the world is divided into two different groups – one that purchases watches as a practical device to tell the current time, while the other group would be one that picks up watches as a form of investment. You know for sure that one loves to invest in watches if you come across someone who truly believes in Patek Philippe’s marketing slant that one does not merely …

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Motion Clock Radio

by Edwin

You might have grown up wanting to be a Jedi Master always, but somehow or rather, the amount of midi-chlorians in your body have proved to be insufficient to let you enrol in the Jedi Temple and begin your training as a padawan. Well, if you want to show the world that you still have it in you to be a Jedi Knight one day, then it would be wise …

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