Casio G-SHOCK limited edition HUF timepiece revealed

by Edwin

The brand G-Shock should be extremely familiar to just about everyone, even if you do not happen to be one who likes to wear watches. In fact, Casio’s G-Shock timepieces have carved a legendary name for itself over the years, delivering performance that does not wilt under pressure, and is more than capable of brushing off drops to the floor without batting an eyelid. Perhaps you feel that a regular …

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Casio introduces PRW-3500 timepiece

by Edwin


Casio is a well known watchmaker from the Land of the Rising Sun, and if there were to be a defining timepiece from the Japanese company, I would definitely say that it is the G-Shock range that has captured the imagination of the masses for many years now. However, it must be noted that Casio does not just dabble with G-Shock timepieces, they too, have rolled out watches of varying …

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Apple Watch out this April 24th

by Edwin


And so, the long wait is over, as Apple has just announced the spanking new Apple Watch – which would be the company’s most personal device (other than the iPhone) to date, and yet offers a new level of innovation to the Apple ecosystem. Basically, this timepiece will be made available on April 24 to those who happen to reside in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the …

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Minimalist Watch does its job well

by Edwin


Do you happen to be in the market for a watch at this point in time, but have not quite figured out just which particular timepiece would do its best to adorn your hand? Well, if you have been on the lookout for something that is understated and yet elegant at the same time, perhaps picking up this $274.95 Minimalist Watch might be a good idea. Specially designed in Finland …

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Cloquarium does more than just tell the time

by Edwin


Don’t you just love convergence devices, where you will be able to gain access to a variety of functions, albeit all on a single piece of electronics? No longer do you need to tote around a GPS navigation device, a portable media player, a voice recorder and a mobile phone in this day and age, even a mid-range smartphone will do. Well, how about the clock in the house then? …

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One Touch Trekometer for the adventurous man in your life

by Edwin


Have you cracked your head to an extent where you are unable to figure out just what to get for your man as his birthday looms on the horizon? Surely another tie or belt is not going to cut the mustard, no matter how large the temptation to do so is. Perhaps he is in need of a timepiece, taking into consideration how he has been rather tardy as of …

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LG Watch Urbane LTE is a next generation smartwatch

by Edwin


When it comes to the world of smartwatches, you can be very sure that this particular niche market is starting to grow real fast – where more and more players will enter the market in order to sell their wares and fight for a slice of the pie. LG has had other smartwatches in the past, but this time around, being the fourth outing in the smartwatch department, the LG …

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Dashboard Watch targets petrolheads

by Edwin


Telling the time used to be a simple process – all that you needed to do was to take a pocket watch from our, er, pocket (where else?) and see what the two hands tell you – and as time progressed, we have moved on to wristwatches, be they of the analogue or digital varieties. Having said that, the watch pretty much remained the same in terms of time telling …

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