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Believe it or not one of the gadget-y-est devices is the clock. Telling time is an experience with some of these devices. In fact there are so many clock gadgets they warrant a section of their own


Timex Ironman GPS watch

by Edwin - on September 12th, 2017

Timex is well known for rolling out GPS watches for the sports enthusiast, and with the $99 Timex Ironman GPS watch, their latest effort is no different. In fact, Timex claims that it is going to be the most simple GPS watch that they have launched to date, and we are simply not surprised at all with that claim. In fact, it boasts of the latest antenna technologies alongside an easy to use interface which would appeal to just about anyone, be it a seasoned triathlete or your everyday fitness enthusiast who would like to get a spot of running, swimming and cycling in from time to time.

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Carah timepiece offers safety to boot

by Edwin

carahNot all timepieces are created equal. Some of them happen to be far more advanced than the others, and K-ICT Born2Global Centre’s vision for a unique device that is not only capable of telling the time, but also to ensure protection for the wearer arrives in the form of the Carah safety watch. Of course, the Carah safety watch will continue to remain a dream if it is not fully funded on Kickstarter, but we do believe that it is definitely on the right track. The Carah comes across as a real analogue watch that features smart capabilities as well as a built-in SOS safety alert.

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New Blackjack watch is a beauty to behold

by Edwin

timex-blackjackTimepieces are more of a fashion accessory these days than a tool that we use to tell the time. Sure, watches are useful to wear, but the traditional time telling method has been more or less made obsolete in the cities and urban areas thanks to our smartphones and computers that provide a constant reminder on what time it is. However, there is still room for watches, as smartwatches have proven that it is not going to phase out the old school timepieces, which is why we are excited to bring the Todd Snyder + Timex Blackjack Watch to the consciousness of everyone else.

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Sequent is the first kinetic self-charging smart watch in the world

by Edwin

sequentWhen it comes to smart watches, most of the time we would think of the Apple Watch. After all, it is the marketing juggernaut from Cupertino that has pushed smart watches into mainstream consciousness, and while Apple continues to maintain a level of secrecy over the sales numbers of their Apple Watch, other industry players such as Huawei have also jumped aboard the bandwagon. However, there are other players that are in the smart watch market as well, and Sequent is one interesting proposition for those who intend to get their feet wet without wanting to commit a whole wad of cash upfront. What makes the Sequent smart watch so special?

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G-Shock reveals new G-Steel collaboration with Robert Geller

by Edwin

gst200rbg-1Casio’s G-Shock is a brand name that is always synonymous with quality timepieces — and this is the latest version of their G-Steel watch that they are about to unleash on the world, except that this is a first time collaboration with Robert Geller. The new G-Steel timepiece which carries the model number GST200RBG-1 is a limited edition men’s model that was designed with inspiration by the Tokyo city landscape.

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Acer Leap Ware Smartwatch announced

by Edwin

acer-leap-wareAcer jumps on board the smartwatch bandwagon with their latest release, the Acer Leap Ware. This is clearly an unprecedented venture by the PC-manufacturing company, as they have more or less dealt with desktops, laptops, 2-in-1 hybrid devices, and of course, tablets in recent years. To see them make the move into the smartwatch industry is certainly an interesting one, and the Acer Leap Ware was meant to impress right from the get go by boasting of an array of fitness-tracking sensors which will play nice with the Liquid Life app in order to motivate users to spend more time sweating it out as they adopt a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20 goes hi-tech

by Edwin

casio-protrekWhen it comes to tough timepieces that are also functional while looking great on your wrist, you would not be able to go too wrong when it comes to Casio of Japan. Casio has a long history of rolling out timepieces that are rugged and yet fully capable, and their latest release says it all — the Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20. This is a trailblazer of a watch, where it is powered by Android Wear and is touted to be the ultimate wrist device where tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts are concerned.

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Polar M430 running watch offers accuracy as well as actionable data

by Edwin

polar-m430You would not want to trust any other name apart from Polar when it comes to wearable sports and fitness technology, as the company has recently announced the latest exciting member of the Polar M family — the Polar M430. This particular device will arrive equipped with Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology, in addition to integrated GPS, as well as personalized, adaptive training guidance, making it the ideal tool when it comes to runners who would want nothing but to achieve their personal best.

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