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Believe it or not one of the gadget-y-est devices is the clock. Telling time is an experience with some of these devices. In fact there are so many clock gadgets they warrant a section of their own


Color this summer with Casio’s Master of G Frogman timepiece

by Edwin

Casio is a very well known brand all over the world when it comes to their timepieces, and the G-Shock range has, for generations, catered to those who lived an adventurous lifestyle and yet want a reliable timepiece to keep on ticking no matter the weather and condition. Well, the folks at Casio of Japan have recently introduced yet another timepiece for your summer revelry, which arrives in the form of the new Master of G Frogman, carrying the model number GWFD1000B-1. This particular model has been specially designed to withstand the toughest of underwater missions, hence the name.

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The Citizen Calendrier Watch makes sure time zones can’t throw you out of sync

by Caitlyn

Citizen Calendrier

When you travel a lot, it’s hard to keep track of when you are. Hopping time zones constantly can make you feel disoriented and it’s hard to place when you need to sleep. If you often find yourself in this pickle of a situation, then you need to make sure you’re setting your clocks to the correct time zone. While your smartphone will normally sync for you, it doesn’t always work, and even then there are times where you just don’t want to look at a screen any more.

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Inkwell reveals tattoo watches

by Edwin

inkwellIn the past, a watch is not so much a piece of equipment that you wear around your wrist as it is a timekeeping device, and for good reason, too – folks did not have the privilege that we have today when it comes to telling the time in a myriad of ways; ranging from our computers to smartphones and other digital signage. These days, watches are more of a fashion statement with the side function of being able to tell you the time, or perhaps smartwatches end up augmenting your smartphone experience as you can tell whether there is an incoming call or email with a look of your wrist, rather than having to reach into your pocket and taking out your phone. Inkwell would like to spice things up a bit in the watch department with their latest tattoo watch range.

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Casio set to roll out two new color ways for the PRO TREK PRG300

by Edwin

protrek300It looks like it is time for a brand new look as the summer arrives, and so it makes perfect sense for one particular model of something to come with more than just a single shade of color, don’t you think so? Well, Casio also thinks along the same line, which means that they are pleased as punch to roll out the PRO TREK PRG300 in orange and grey shades, being known as the PRG300-4 and PRG300-8, respectively, with the two of them being ideal for a wide range of outdoor adventures from hiking and biking, to camping and kayaking.

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G-Shock and Futura collaborate on new timepiece design

by Edwin

gshock-futuraWhile some of us prefer not to wear a watch for the very obvious reason that the smartphone more or less gets the job done already, here we are with another timepiece that is extremely pleasing on the eyes – the GDX6900FTR-1 timepiece. This is one watch that was birth in commemoration of Casio’s G-Shock third collaboration launch with legendary American Graffiti Artist Futura, and you can be sure that this is not only a mechanical device that tells the time, it also does a whole lot more than that by conveying the message to whoever sees such a watch on your wrist that you are someone with plenty of taste in your fashion sense, in addition to appreciating time that you would love to keep it accurate and be punctual always.

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Huawei Watch expands their collection for the ladies

by Edwin

huawei-watch-jewel-elegantHuawei does not only make smartphones, you know, as they also have jumped aboard the wearable tech category in recent times with the advent of the smartwatch. This time around, the company from China has decided to further expand their smartwatch collection that is famous for its classic and high-end design, where it will now include a couple of new luxurious models that will target the ladies over in the US. The two new models in question would be the Elegant and Jewel, where they are said to deliver the same timeless, uncompromising style and function that won acclaim for the original Huawei Watch models.

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Outdoor lovers might spring for the new Casio Pro Trek

by Edwin

casio-pro-trekIf you are going to head out to the great outdoors this summer, then you can be sure that it would be in your best interest to make sure that you are well equipped and prepared to get the job done – that is, having the right tools and what not. While city slickers would rely on their smartphones or tablets to tell the time (or a smartwatch), those who prefer to rough it out with nature would know the value of an actual watch, as opposed to relying on a smartphone to tell the time. Of course, if all else fails, common sense will let you know when is day and when night falls. This spring, Casio America, Inc. has expanded its rugged and versatile PRO TREK line of outdoor timepieces with the brand new PRW3510Y-1.

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Zub Zirc lets you tell the time differently

by Edwin

zub-zircIf you have noticed, more and more people in your circle of friends are beginning to wear smartwatches, regardless of the brand. Of course, the Apple Watch would come to mind for many, but just because it hails from Cupertino, this does not mean that it is the best smartwatch around. Well, if you would like to somewhat join the crowd but not put your whole faith in a dedicated smartwatch, then perhaps the $129 Zub Zirc might be worth checking out.

It basically lets you think of time in a different manner, where you can choose for it to show the time in Black 20 or Blue Glow-In-The-Dark. There are different functions that should be considered to be staples for a modern timepiece, such as an Alarm, Chronograph, Date and Time. This is one timepiece that presents time in a more intuitive way, thanks to the clever use of linear and graphic representations. The visual mass will increase as time passes, which lends weight to an ephemeral and abstract concept. Hours will be shown as a familiar analog clock face, whereas the horizontal row counts minutes while a small window keeps track of seconds. It will feature a 0.8″ wide polyurethane band and boasts of an alarm mode as well as a chronograph mode as mentioned earlier.

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