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Believe it or not one of the gadget-y-est devices is the clock. Telling time is an experience with some of these devices. In fact there are so many clock gadgets they warrant a section of their own


Fibonacci Clock offers an interesting way to tell the time

by Edwin

When it comes to telling the time, there are many different ways of doing so, although the sundial has been more or less out of fashion for quite a while already ever since the clock and watch have made their presence known. Of course, you might want to wear a watch in addition to the digital clock on your smartphone, but this does not mean that you should ditch the clock altogether in your home. With the Fibonacci Clock that costs anywhere from $84.99 to $134.99 depending on the model, it is a truly unique — and of course, geeky method of telling the time.

This can be considered to be the ultimate clock for tinkerers and math geeks, where it boasts of 10 color palettes and a couple of lamp modes which will be able to show off the beauty of math. You can pick your DIY level, which is selected from a kit of parts to fully assembled. At the end of it all, three colors on the clock will matter: red and blue for the hours, and blue and green for the minutes. The minutes will be rounded to five minute increments, so a wee bit of brain power is required in order to perform some basic multiplication in order to obtain the precise timing.

G-Shock reveals new S Series Dark Metallic Collection for the coming Fall

by Edwin

gmas110mc-2aThere are watches, and then there are watches. Some of us would just like a functional timepiece that does nothing more than to tell the exact minute and hour, while others would prefer something around their wrist that makes a statement, such as “I have arrived” when they are among their peers. Others still, prefer a timepiece that not only looks good, but is also suitable for their rough and tumble lifestyle. Now, the Casio G-Shock collection has over the years offered tough-as-nails watches without sacrificing on quality and accuracy, although they are not the cheapest options out there, but neither are they out of reach as with luxury names like Rolex and the like. This time around, the folks at Casio have revealed a spanking new S Series Dark Metallic Collection that is slated for release this coming Fall.

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New Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster boasts of quad sensor technology

by Edwin

gulfmaster-gwn-q1000-1aWhen it comes to timepieces, there are three different categories. The first would be the functional one, where you do not have to spend too much money in order to acquire a regular timekeeping device on your wrist, while the second would fall under the luxurious range — one that costs a bomb, but is worth passing down to the next generation. Last but not least would be the tough-as-nails watches, and this is where Casio has long been an expert with their G-Shock collection. This time around, the spanking new Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster is touted to arrive with quad sensor technology, now how about that?

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Casio G-SHOCK introduces Vintage Gold theme To Master Of G

by Edwin

vintage-gold-master-of-gCasio is a name not to be reckoned with when it comes to two things — the calculator, as well as their range of G-Shock timepieces. Granted, these are not the only two things that the Japanese company is famous for, but this does not mean that they are darn good at the mentioned pair of areas. This time around, we will concentrate on the fact that a couple of new Vintage Gold models will make their debut under the Master of G collection.

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Polar M600 sports watch runs on Android Wear

by Edwin

polar-m600If you are really, really serious about keeping track of your fitness performance over time, then surely you would have had some contact with Polar’s range of watches. These are timepieces that do not only keep track of time, they will also come with GPS capability as well as help you in your long term fitness training, such as the Polar M400. This time round, however, we have Polar announce the Polar M600, which comes across as a waterproof sports watch that will run on Android Wear. It has been specially built on Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform, where it boasts of Polar’s proprietary optical heart rate technology while offering wrist-based heart rate measurement through its 6-LED solution, making use of an algorithm that has been designed and tested for maximum reliability.

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G-SHOCK reveals new MUDMASTER Limited Edition Timepiece

by Edwin

gshock-midnight-studiosCasio is a name that we are all very, very familiar with when it comes to quality timepieces that are able to take a beating. Their G-Shock range is one as such, where we have seen our fair share of G-Shock timepieces over the past few decades. Having said that, this absolutely does not mean that the G-Shock series will call it quits — it’d be an extremely sad day if that happens, but rather, there is a new MUDMASTER Limited Edition Timepiece that is ready and waiting to hit the market.

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Casio’s G-SHOCK range sees MTGG1000AR-1A join the family

by Edwin

gshock-mtg-collectionIf you are on the lookout for a timepiece that is not only tough as nails, but will also look good when you wear it around your wrist, then the Casio G-SHOCK collection is a name that should be considered by all and sundry right from the get go. This time around, the Japanese company has revealed the Rose Gold MTGG1000AR-1A, being an advanced timepiece that will arrive equipped with GPS Hybrid capabilities and made with G-SHOCK’s legendary resilience.

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Color this summer with Casio’s Master of G Frogman timepiece

by Edwin

masterofg-frogmanCasio is a very well known brand all over the world when it comes to their timepieces, and the G-Shock range has, for generations, catered to those who lived an adventurous lifestyle and yet want a reliable timepiece to keep on ticking no matter the weather and condition. Well, the folks at Casio of Japan have recently introduced yet another timepiece for your summer revelry, which arrives in the form of the new Master of G Frogman, carrying the model number GWFD1000B-1. This particular model has been specially designed to withstand the toughest of underwater missions, hence the name.

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