The Dog Biscuit Treat Maker – Bow-Wow!

by Julie

My kitchen closet is loaded with the sins of someone who is not a real chef. You are told by every cooking guru on the planet to never have single duty appliances. If your going to spend money and take up space with something, it should always do more than one thing. I have a little cookie baker, cake pop oven, cupcake maker and mini slider grill, and now I …

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Caramel Apples Made Easy

by Alison

Autumn has arrived! Which of course means a chill in the air, football on TV and harvest themed everything. Chefs everywhere will be ramping up their kitchen to prepare plenty of feasts for all to share, involving things like pumpkins, squash, carrots, grapes and of course apples. Apples of all colors arrive by the bushel in the Fall season. Why let an apple just be an apple when you can …

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NEWSFLASH: Free Citrus Juice Sprayer!

by Alison


The good folks at ThinkGeek have a deal for you! For a limited time, purchase $30 or more on ThinkGeek and receive a free Stem DIY Citrus Juice Sprayer. That’s a $4.99 value simply for indulging yourself in some of the nifty items they offer like Giant Robot Battle Fists, Freddy Replica Glove or a Plush AT-AT. Take a look at everything they offer. You won’t have problems spending $30. …

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Actifry – All the Pleasure and None of the Guilt

by Julie

I know I am not alone in my love of fried foods. I’m also well aware that not only are they not good for ME, they really aren’t good for anybody. So I try to have them in moderation, but I always find myself craving some fries. I’ve tried baking them… just not the same. So I just deprive myself for as long as I can, and then I end …

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Milkmaid Milk Jug – Honey… I just got a Text from the Milk

by Julie

How many times have you woken up in the morning and yawned your way into the kitchen and filled a giant bowl with some Nutty-O’s or Fruity Pebbles, opened the fridge door and saw that you didn’t have enough milk? or worse, that the milk you did have had expired the day before! Begrudgingly you attempted the sniff test and while it seemed a little “off” you tasted it anyway. …

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Ready, Set, Draw…Your Thermometer

by Alison

Overcooking food. There is no better way to kick a nice evening off than burning the steaks or overcooking the potatoes. Think of it, you have friends over, you are trying to be host(ess) and get all the food finalized. Make sure the grill is a certain temp, make sure the water on the stove is hot enough, keep the side dishes warm…but not cooking. It is a challenge to …

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Candy Chemistry Set

by Alison

Few children make it through the grocery store without a “can I have some candy?” I think all parents are sick of facing the question. And sure, you want to reward the kids, but did they do anything to deserve it? Next time you are faced with the dilemma show the kids the Candy Chemistry Set and say “sure, just make your own candy!” The Candy Chemistry Set from …

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