Coolest Gifts for the Chef

by Al

Chef-ing is an art! The knowledge of food has powerful influence on our lives (and stomachs). Every kitchen master deserves the best gadgetry to perfect their art form. Choose from some of these handy devices to make the holiday season of the chef in your life.

HotLogic Mini – Your New Desktop Oven

by Julie


Yes, we all know there are quite a few advantages to bringing your own lunch to work. Not only is it much more economical and time saving, it’s likely to be a much healthier option than you’ll get at your local fast food joint. I don’t usually mind brown bagging a lunch, but sometimes I enjoy a nice hot meal and unfortunately the communal microwave oven isn’t always the most …

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This Bubble gum Kit will provide a treat for your mind and your mouth

by Caitlyn

Bubble Gum DIY Kit

Life is all about trying new things. From the day we’re born, we start learning, experimenting, and attempting to do and experience more. Some days we become better people, and others we learn what not to do in the future. While the things we try at a young age are relatively simple (learning how to put on pants and bringing food from the plate to your mouth using a utensil), …

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Coleman Party Grill – Good Times, to Go

by Julie

With the summer weather upon us everyone’s all jazzed up to get outside, the kids are ready for hikes in the woods, days at the lake and they’re looking for a picnic every single day. We used to carry around a little old charcoal grill for a few hot dogs and hamburgers on the go, but it was messy, and getting the coals put out so the thing could be …

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SolSource cooks your food with the sun’s rays

by Chris

It’s summer, and one of the biggest holidays of the season is tomorrow. Now when it’s warm out and you have a group of people together, one of the first things that comes to mind is a cookout. People are always finding reasons to drag out the grill and cook up some meat and veggies. This genearlly means using charcoal, or some other type of fuel. However, what if you …

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The Kitchen Safe locks down your cravings

by Chris

Have you ever tried limiting your sweets intake? It can be hard to do on a good day, but when someone bakes a fresh batch of cookies, you’re going to find yourself back in the kitchen every few minutes. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way that you could force yourself to wait a specific amount of time before eating the next one? Sure, you should be able …

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Hamilton Beach’s New “Mc” Breakfast Maker

by Julie

  There are a few things in my life that are a given, if there is chocolate in front of me, I will eat it, no exercise of any kind is fun, and anything that happens before 10 in the morning probably isn’t worth having to set the alarm for. However, I have a 10 year old that still requires a good breakfast and a ride to school at *gasp* …

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A Smarter Skewer

by Alison

Skewers give a great way to feed just about any crowd. Prep your proteins and veggies and let your guests load up their own creations. Everyone gets fat and happy so to speak. Do you ever look at the grill after such an undertaking? Inevitably some food gets sacrificed to the grill. A lopsided zucchini slice does not hold on or a cube of beef just gives way. There is …

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