Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer – Next years turkey in a third of the time

by Julie

There is nothing new about having turkey for the holidays, but being able to cook a delicious one in just a few minutes per pound is revolutionary. Masterbuilt’s Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer can do just that. Cook up to a 14 pound turkey to juicy, tasty perfection in less than an hour. It is ideal for indoor use, is considered countertop safe and has an automatic temperature control as well …

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Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker

by Ally

If you’re craving cotton candy in December you’re pretty much out of luck, that is unless there happens to be a circus in your area.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it warms up again for the festivals and fairs to show up again.  Unless you happen to purchase yourself your own cotton candy machine.  Then you can have it whenever you want without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Deni Cordless Electric Gravy Boat

by Ally

Whenever you’re serving dinner, gravy is notoriously the first thing to go cold.  That’s no fun when you’re dying to dive into some steaming hot mashed potatoes and find yourself left with lukewarm mashed potatoes after the gravy has been poured on top.  Thankfully it turns out there’s an electric gravy boat out there that won’t require you to trip over any cords.

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Boil Buoy makes noise when boiling

by Ally

They claim a watched pot never boils and when I’m starving I swear that’s true.  Thankfully there is this handy little kitchen gadget that’ll let you get busy doing other things.   With this buoy you can prepare the rest of dinner and only mess with that water once it’s finally boiling and ready.  Don’t worry, despite the picture making it look like this is some futuristic concept, this is up …

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Altoids Sours BBQ Grill

by Ally

If you need a grill that’s Barbie or action figure sized then this DIY project is one to try your hand at.  You can convert one of your Altoid tins into a fully functioning BBQ grill.  Sure, it doesn’t have a whole lot of practicality to it, but it’d be a great conversation piece.  Besides, it’s hard to beat being able to make miniature hamburgers on a tiny grill.

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MacBook Cutting Board

by Ally

MacBook fans are serious about their Apple products.  You have to be in order to swallow the price tag that comes with all Apple products.  I do believe when I bought my MacBook I called it an investment.  Now that the keyboard is fried all of one year later and I’m looking at a huge repair bill, I’m starting to question my own sanity.  However, the truth is I still …

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Frosting Deco Pen

by Ally

When you’re decorating something with icing you’re usually stuck with some squishy bag to write with, which just feels a little unnatural.  If it feels unnatural, then your writing and decorations are not going to be nearly as pretty.  Now you could get used to that squishy bag, but only if you do that sort of thing often.  For those that don’t there is this Frosting Deco Pen.

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T-Fal Digital Toaster

by Ally

This toaster is definitely making my toaster look bad.  I really thought I was doing pretty good, mine even has buttons for bagels and frozen items.  Sadly it turns out that my shiny metal toaster is getting behind on the times thanks to T-Fal feeling the need to show off.  Not only do they have the buttons I adore, but they also have added an LCD screen.

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