Boil Buoy makes noise when boiling

by Ally

They claim a watched pot never boils and when I’m starving I swear that’s true.  Thankfully there is this handy little kitchen gadget that’ll let you get busy doing other things.   With this buoy you can prepare the rest of dinner and only mess with that water once it’s finally boiling and ready.  Don’t worry, despite the picture making it look like this is some futuristic concept, this is up …

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Altoids Sours BBQ Grill

by Ally

If you need a grill that’s Barbie or action figure sized then this DIY project is one to try your hand at.  You can convert one of your Altoid tins into a fully functioning BBQ grill.  Sure, it doesn’t have a whole lot of practicality to it, but it’d be a great conversation piece.  Besides, it’s hard to beat being able to make miniature hamburgers on a tiny grill.

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MacBook Cutting Board

by Ally

MacBook fans are serious about their Apple products.  You have to be in order to swallow the price tag that comes with all Apple products.  I do believe when I bought my MacBook I called it an investment.  Now that the keyboard is fried all of one year later and I’m looking at a huge repair bill, I’m starting to question my own sanity.  However, the truth is I still …

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Frosting Deco Pen

by Ally

When you’re decorating something with icing you’re usually stuck with some squishy bag to write with, which just feels a little unnatural.  If it feels unnatural, then your writing and decorations are not going to be nearly as pretty.  Now you could get used to that squishy bag, but only if you do that sort of thing often.  For those that don’t there is this Frosting Deco Pen.

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T-Fal Digital Toaster

by Ally

This toaster is definitely making my toaster look bad.  I really thought I was doing pretty good, mine even has buttons for bagels and frozen items.  Sadly it turns out that my shiny metal toaster is getting behind on the times thanks to T-Fal feeling the need to show off.  Not only do they have the buttons I adore, but they also have added an LCD screen.

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The Smoking Gun smokes but doesn’t cook food

by Ally

If you’ve become obsessed with giving your food that smoky flavor, you might looking into this Smoking Gun.  It’ll allow for you to smoke a whole lot more than you normally would thanks to some unconventional methods.  Instead of being stuck only smoking foods while you cook them, you can smoke items that you don’t actually want cooked.

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Breville Hot Cup saves on energy

by Ally

Recently I wrote up a Philips Kettle that promised to save energy and give you a hot cup of water fast.  However, I have to say after looking over the Breville Hot Cup, I like it a whole lot better.  Granted my reasons may seem a little silly, but I imagine it’ll appeal to a great deal of others.  This device boils just as fast, saving you energy, but you …

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Philips Energy Efficient Kettle

by Ally

When it comes to cutting back on the amount of energy you use, it’s a game of cutting small corners in every area.  If you boil water for your tea, this Philips Kettle is yet another corner you can cut.  It makes the art of boiling water a whole lot more precise and therefore cutting back on the amount of energy you use while boiling.

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