LifeMap: Digital Scrapbook?

by Mark R

Isn’t it amazing that so many people take so many pictures to “preserve their memories”, only to have digital pics stored all over the place? I’m betting that you have hundreds, if not thousands, of digital snapshots scattered in thumb drives, cameras, and PC hard drives throughout your house. This is not counting the low resolution ones taken by your cellular phone. I swear, the digital revolution was the best …

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Is the Plan A Electric Planner: great idea or an attempt to resurrect PDAs?

by James


PDAs were all the rage in the 90s. Until the smart phone arrived. Then, suddenly, Palm was on the rocks, Tapwave was out of business, and Handspring just started developing and creating Apps. The PDA was, for all intents and purposes, dead once the iPhone arrived, and even before that. So what is up with the Plan A Electric Planner concept by Andreas Svensson? I mean, it’s rather cool to …

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Portable Bunker aims to save lives in forest & bush fires

by James


Smoke jumpers. They are some of the bravest first responders in the world. With forest and brush fires blazing, these firefighting special forces parachute ahead, and often times in the middle of, forest fires and seek to create a bulwark to stop fires in their tracks. And often times, tragedy ensues and they become overwhelmed by fire conditions and die horrific deaths, leaving the fire to blaze on. So it …

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Smokey The Silencer for bad cooks

by Ally


During my early attempts to cook real food, such as things besides Ramen, I set off the smoke alarm on a regular basis.  I even kept around methods to blow smoke outside around in the kitchen.  Thankfully, I at least got slightly better, but now the sound of a smoke alarm going off is like nails on a chalkboard.    If you’ve heard your smoke alarm just one too many times, …

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Electronic Drums work sans sticks

by Edwin


Do you have the beat of drums coursing through your hands that you can’t wait but to express it? Well, this concept UFO-shaped Electronic Drums by Petr Kubik ought to fit the bill if they ever make it off the manufacturing line, featuring a smooth surface that will emit a sound whenever you strike your palm against it. Needless to say, the harder you beat it, the louder the sound …

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Marriage Hunting Bra

by Edwin


We know that Japan has this problem of an ageing population as more and more people spend most of their lives at work instead of doing other stuff like raising or starting a family. Well, here’s a new form of technology that will definitely turn heads – the Marriage Hunting Bra. This concept lingerie by Triumph International was specially designed to help the marriage-minded woman find a husband, and it …

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ACE: The robot who needs directions

by Mark R


Since I am male, I have this thing about not wanting to ask for directions. It would appear that a German research group known as the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering has created a robot that asks directions for them. In fact, the Autonomous City Explorer, or ACE, is completely dependent on directions to get to where it needed to go. This robot was recently let loose off campus from …

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Muecke Personal Commuter Helicopter

by Mark R


I remember reading Brave New World in high school, and the mode of transportation in the future was helicopters. I remember thinking that the writer Aldous Huxley had a pretty unenlightened point of the world of tomorrow, because most modern science fiction writers picture the future skies full of rotorless flying cars. It would appear that the “Muecke” single seater lightweight sport helicopter concept could prove Mr. Huxley right, especially …

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