The new ID of the future?

by Mark R

One of reasons why I go to CES is to see the newest gadgets. Some of these new devices are definitely planned to be out this year, and some will be out years from now. Watch the video of the RFID card reader with the OLED display and see which category that falls under. Essentially, it is an ordinary card reader for reading an ordinary ID. As soon as the …

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MSI releases new concept designs

by Edwin


MSI of Taiwan has rolled out a trio of new concepts at the recently concluded CES at Vegas (with a few million square feet of floor space to cover, it can be quite a challenge to check out everything in sight!), where these concepts are touted to help consumers interact with digital information in their homes in a totally new way. We will be taking a look at all three, …

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Sense concept plays with your emotion

by Edwin


We often think that machines are cold and unfeeling devices, making their decisions based on logic and logic alone (those who watched Terminator Salvation ought to be able to relate), which is why we rely on our feelings to churn out more human-like devices, as in the case of CD&I Associates with their Sense concept. The Sense concept is a wireless device which is touted to offer a “more emotional …

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Omnitread can get to places that we can’t

by Mark R


I’m not certain what it is, but there is a lot of cool robot stuff happening today. First the JO-ZERO, the Remo, and now the OmniTread. The OmniTread isn’t a humanoid robot, and it isn’t a kit that you can special order just yet. The OmniTread is the work of some developers at the University of Michigan, and it is designed for some very rugged work. As you can see …

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Robot Hummingbird could one day have a tiny camera

by Mark R


One of the most intriguing creatures in the animal kingdom is the hummingbird. These small birds have wings that move faster than 30 times per second, and they are the only bird that can fly backwards. It does not surprise me that a Japanese researcher named Hiroshi Liu modeled his flying robot after the hummingbird. His robo-hummingbird, for lack of a better word, weighs up 2.6 grams and 10 centimeters …

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Bloxels glow-in-the-dark interactive blocks

by Mark R


Bloxels aren’t just any blocks, but they can change color and glow. Of course, it uses the power of technology to create this luminous and colorful effect. Think of it as some colorful Legos, and each of the blocks has a transmitter so you can make some beautiful designs. Bloxels are not just some glowing cube, but the Bloxels work by obtaining its color data from the lower level Bloxel. …

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Cipher Drinking Glass lets you know what the liquid is

by Mark R


Have you ever been in a party where every glass was the same, and you didn’t know which was yours? What’s really sick is when you take a sip, and discover that it is definitely not your drink. Now imagine that you had these Cipher Drinking Glasses designed by Damjan Stankovic. See all those random colored squares on the glasses? Apparently, they have some odd ability to make certain words …

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Toaster that mimics a printer

by Ally


The toaster is probably one of the most boring gadgets out there, which is probably why designers enjoy altering the classic toaster so much.  Well one more designer is trying their hand at changing up the way we use our toasters.  This one seems to take its inspiration directly from a printer.  Instead of printing out pages though, it spits out fresh toast.

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