Toe Mouse For Upper Body Handicaps

by Ally

The Toe Mouse may seem ridiculous for the general public, but it’s not designed for the average person.  Instead, this was created with those in mind that have a disability to do with their upper limbs.  Instead of a mouse that requires you to move your hands, they could have this on the floor and move their mouse around all with the use of a couple of toes.  Now, I’m …

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Iron Man’s Jarvis comes to life with Chad Barraford’s Digital Life Assistant

by Mark R

Some of you might remember in Iron Man how Tony Stark had a computer program named Jarvis that was responsible for running the operations of his home. It was a clear tip of the hat to Edwin Jarvis, a butler for the super-hero team the Avengers from Marvel comics. Chad Barraford must have really liked the Iron Man film, as he created his own version of Jarvis. He used a …

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Solar-Powered Dress

by Ally

Gadgets seem to slowly be making their way into the fashion world.  Sure, they aren’t really something you see everyday out on the sidewalk, but they are starting to be created a little more.  I’m still not sure that I want an electronic dress, but it would be another way to make sure all of your small gadgets stay charged.  Whether or not something like this would ever catch on …

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Sensation Lounge chair

by Mark R

Designer Alexander Christoff is starting to develop a penchant for making these strange chairs. He once designed a chair that is an homage to Ferrari, and it was fire-engine red with an odd footrest. This Sensation Lounge Chair, as it is called, is apparently the ultimate for relaxation. Not only can the user recline nicely, but there is a screen there for watching anything you want to watch. If you …

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Send a hug online to your children with the Huggy Pajama

by Mark R

The outfit that the person in this photo is wearing reminds me of a coat my sister to wear when she was a kid, but this is actually pajama outfit. It is called the Huggy Pajama, and it is an application of technology that I’m not certain I like. You see, the Huggy Pajama is connected to the Internet, presumably wirelessly, and the parent of the child, or friend, or …

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Land Peel furniture lets a room become anything it needs to be

by Mark R

I found this concept technology yesterday, and it is appropriately called the Land Peel. I suppose Floor Peel might be a better name, because this is what the user is doing. As you can see from the picture, part of the floor can “peel up” and essentially make a convenient desk. Granted, it is a desk that you have to cross your legs under in order to make them fit, …

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aTable features hollow legs

by Ally

Any furniture that helps to organize those unruly cables is worth looking over.  This simplistic looking desk would allow for you to appear clutter free.  Even though deep down in those table legs it conceals a mess of cords that used to constantly be in your way.  The aTable even keeps its name nice and simple.  Now if only all things could be this minimal and clean.

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Light Beam Coffee Table changes colors

by Ally

I don’t know about anyone else, but my coffee table doesn’t do a single thing.  It just sits there and usually attracts a whole lot of clutter.  It’s amazing the things that end up on my coffee table.  Most coffee tables out there don’t have a single electronic function, they just hold things.  Well this Light Beam Coffee Table is packed full of LED lights to give you an interesting …

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