UFO Lamps complete with abducted animal

by Ally

Although these just look like interesting little UFO table lamps, they’re actually much much larger than a table lamp.  In reality these things measure a whopping 5 feet and 5 inches tall.  Which makes it all the more fun since hidden within that massive beam of light is a poor creature being slowly pulled up to the alien spaceship.  It just gets tugged up and down time and time again, …

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Solar cells to be printed on paper?

by Mark R

The Source from this story really caught my attention. The title of it was “solar cells printed on paper”. This is not the time to say “Nuff Said”. This is the time to figure out how in the world I can download the template of these solar cells, print out a bunch, and wire them to all the appliances an electrical devices in my house. Then I’m calling the power …

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A Hollywood Sign Makeover

by Mark R

I’ve sure we all know the iconic Hollywood sign, but it is undergoing some dire straits. Hugh Hefner himself recently donated $900,000 to preserve the 138 acres it is founded on. Bay Arch, a Denmark-based architecture firm has an idea to completely restructure the Hollywood sign. Not only do they want to keep the original letters, but they want to make them into a hotel. In fact, they want to …

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LOLA walking robot knows where she/it is going

by Mark R

Remember that robot named AILA that we reported on a while ago? She was the white one with a female form that knew how to hold things. Well, it isn’t the only robot to come out of Germany, for here is LOLA. LOLA is a humanoid robot presented by the Technical University of Munich and the Institute of Technology Autonomous Systems in Munich. I have a video of it after …

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EKON car uses the power of Emoticons

by Mark R

This isn’t the first time that we have posted about a concept car, and many of them sort of look the same. For some reason, they all have this odd silver or gray color, and have lights in weird places, as if they existed in the world of Tron. The EKON is definitely something very different as its main feature could change the very road as we know it. You …

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The Rain Drum

by Ally

If you’ve ever enjoyed the way the rain sounds when it hits a metal roof, then you’ll love this umbrella.  It keeps you dry, but not like other umbrellas.  Others just give soft little pitter patters, whereas this one will sound more like a drum.  Sure, you’ll probably make everyone else around you a little crazy, but at least you’ll have a little rhythm while you’re out walking in the …

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German scientists use lasers to create clouds

by Mark R

This is an interesting device I saw this morning that could easily signal a new era for Mother Earth. As you can see from the picture, a laser has been used to create clouds. It was actually some German scientists, and they didn’t just point a laser at the sky and make clouds. No, these guys shot some lasers into a chamber of some water-saturated air at about -24 degrees …

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Brainwave Desktop microwave

by Mark R

This concept microwave oven is something that I could use in my kitchen, or better yet, my office desk. I’m going to steal an old ad campaign slogan from Oldsmobile and say “this is not your father’s microwave”. Just to let you know, my father’s microwave oven had a dial you had to hand-crank to set the time. Just thought I would let you know how advanced we are in …

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