Nail Cap hides nails under cute cover

by Ally

This has to be the most simple way to decoratively hang things in your home.  With this you can stick with your ordinary nails, it just manages to hide the nail underneath a cute little cap.  The best part is that this can be used time and time again in all different areas, unlike the decorative hooks you’d normally pick up at the store.  Hooks will eventually wear out and …

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Morning Glory Solar Powered LED Flower

by Ally

Solar gadgets are usually a little more on the practical side.  This one doesn’t even serve a real purpose like the solar garden lights.  Instead, it’s purely decorative, but that’s plenty good enough.  It’s a great modern twist for those that enjoy stained glass hanging in their windows.

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Kolelinia 2.0: Travel by cables, no bike required

by Mark R

This is about the best still photo that I could think of to illustrate this next form of the Kolelinia. Some of you may remember when we reported on the Kolelinia the first time. It is a concept device that allows bikes to travel above the streets with two cables. One cable is under the wheels, and the other is located just under the handlebars. This allows ordinary cyclists to …

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Speech Bubble helmets is a true Cone of Silence

by Mark R

I’m not the kind who hangs in overcrowded bars, but that is because I don’t like all the noise. It isn’t like the movies where characters can carry on a distinct conversation. Not with all the music and other people’s conversations around, no way. If you want to break through the great wall of white noise, then I suppose you could use these Speech Bubbles. Designed by Edinburgh product design …

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Takoyaki Adaptor makes charging pretty

by Ally

Most of us have resigned ourselves to just using those tan or white powerstrips to keep all of our gadgets up and running.  Sure, they’re by no means attractive, but they do the job well enough that we cope with the plain looks.  Thankfully, at least designers are still putting out an effort to come up with new and interesting ways to keep things powered.  Not only does this plug …

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Crows Nest Anti-Pirate UAV

by Mark R

I found this interesting concept vehicle this morning, but I don’t think it is properly named. It is called the Crows Nest Anti-Pirate UAV. Now, you are probably thinking that this is some new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that is designed to take out pirates. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Like some sort of brand-new series like Pirate Busters. It could be fictional action show or reality show. However, you should know …

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Loftbox 101 folds your meeting place into a box

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we covered the gentleman in Hong Kong who could shift his walls around in his 344 square foot apartment to make it a 24-room mansion. This is the Loftbox 101, a “one stop” room. As you can see, it looks like something that you would see in a passenger train. What you don’t see is that this seat and bench with the really drab …

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Catalyst all-in-one cooking solution

by Mark R

For some reason, the Catalyst all-in-one reminds me of an overhead projector that I used to have in my high school. Sure, the bulb is a little high, and wide, but that is only because it is a microwave. In all honesty, I don’t see how that bar can hold up all that microwave oven, really. Of course, that isn’t selling point of this Catalyst. Not that this isn’t selling …

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