Transparent Cell Phone on the Horizon

by Alison

Transparent anything is cool. Seriously, things that are see through automatically scream ‘futuristic’ based on all the sci-fi shows and movies that used transparent props. They sort of defy all logic, especially when technology is involved. Yet liquid crystal technology and its constant switching open and closed are being put to use to make a transparent phone possible. Which makes me wonder, will we someday lose our phones because we …

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A Jetsons-like Table

by Alison

Very quietly the Jetsons turned 50 years old at the end of the year. What is your favorite technology in the Jetsons? Some of it has actually come to life! Flat screens, portable tv sort of things and the like obviously came to fruition, but plenty has not. I kind of like the pills that they eat for food. Or maybe getting on the conveyor belt to get clothed and …

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Lumio a Kickstarter project worth looking into

by Edwin

For some of us, we would love nothing better than to unwind with a good book in hand after a particularly gruelling day at work, and this would mean three things: you would need a very comfortable sofa or chair to read your book, have some cookies and milk on the side, and of course, own a decent lamp or lighting source so that your eyes need not end up …

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Facebook Clothing – Sort Of

by Alison

As the year comes to an end and you focus on 2013 contemplate improving your self-worth. You know, join the gym and get fit. Start a book club for mental stimulation.  Plan a vacation to relax and get away. Get clothes that remind you how “liked” you are. Wha? Clothes that interact?

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Not One Less camera ensures everyone gets their photo taken

by Edwin

I was about to call the title of this story as “Not One Less camera ensures everyone gets shot”, but the use of the verb here proved to be rather insensitive at this time of bereavement for folks who are grieving at Newtown. Well, capturing photos with a camera would come across as second nature to many by now, but there is one caveat – most of the time, group …

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Emotion-Detecting Smartphones?

by Alison

I love HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  His calm computer voice, ability to understand humans, total control of the ship. Well I loved him until he tried to kill everyone anyway. After all  we can’t let these computers get too smart.  Which leads me to wonder – when will smartphones become too smart?

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Future LEGO Clock?

by Alison

If you are a frequent visitor to CG odds are that you have tinkered with something in your life. Maybe you tried to make your mom’s frying pan into a flying saucer. Or maybe you created a robot that would take your clothes to the hamper. Not all of the tinkering succeeds. But our minds keep trying!

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Hot Water: Key to Recycling Electronic Components?

by Alison

Our love for gadgets means one thing in life: gadget waste will continue to grow. As new generations of laptops, tablets, phones, PCs and the like appear on the scene one has to wonder where the old ones go. Sure, some can be recycled, but there is certainly cost involved. Realistically much of what goes into a circuit board cannot be reused unless completely taken apart – which is challenging. …

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