TV Flash Lamp hides TV

by Ally

Sometimes it’s nice not to have all of your technology on display.  I’m a big one that I really don’t want to be able to see the TV all the time in my bedroom, but I like having one in there for rare occasions when I want to lay down and watch TV.  Thankfully one designer has created a creative way to hide your small flat panel TV.  Instead of …

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These mechanical bugs can inspect power lines

by Mark R

What we are seeing here is a cable crawler, which is designed to check for cable defects and problems in power lines. Such problems in the power lines can range from overheating to cable noise, and then relay that data to utilities via satellite and cellular phone signals. You can see the solar panels on the thing, which is all right when it is sunny, but it has a backup …

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Communication Gadget Concept

by Mark R

Presenting a concept gadget for communication so cool it is only known as the Communication Gadget. As you can see, that metal tube has some “pop-out” feet and can project a keyboard and some textual display there. I am assuming that there is some sort of sensor to detect the fingers tapping for input. This isn’t the first time that I have seen a device with a projected keyboard before …

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Play Hopscotch on your calculator

by Ally

No childhood is complete without a few rounds of hopscotch now and then.  Sure, it’s a little outdated to most kids today, but it’s still a well loved classic.  For those of you that miss the days of hopping around on those little squares, you might like this new calculator.  It shows the world that although you’re a responsible adult now, but you once were a child who was perfectly …

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Football Fan Display, lets Fans Abuse the Players

by Al

This is a cool concept and some what apt with the world cup just kicking off, the somewhat boringly named Football Fan Display. Football Fan Display is a hand-held flexible foam board which is used to digitally display messages of support or criticism to players at live matches. This is done by pressing switches on the back to light up sections on the front to form a number or letter. …

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Trimtab 3×3 Three Wheeled Vechicle

by Mark R

This is not the first time that I have reported on a three wheeled vehicle before. Usually, my source calls them three-wheeled tricycles. I don’t know why they don’t call them just tricycles, but I guess that just brings up mental images of something small and red. Maybe they should call things like this “BIG Tricycles”. Anyway, this is the Trimtab 3×3 by designer David Parrott. It is a tricycle, …

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T3 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

by Ally

Instead of creating a car or some boring desktop item to demonstrate the usage of solar power, you should pick up a robot.  This particular robot is a kit that’ll let you or your children learn a little more about using solar power in a much more interesting way.  Plus after you’re all finished building the robot, you’ll have a fun little transforming robot.

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Trashlight isn’t trashy

by Ally

This is the most classy trash themed light that you could ever possibly own.  Sure, trash is a dirty thing, but you can pretty it up with this little gadget.  With this you’ll never again have to dump out your trash in the dark since the lamp is directly attached to the can itself.  Sure, it could make putting trash bags into the can a little tricky, but at least …

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