Self-folding paper straight out of Harvard

by Mark R

Hopefully you’ve had the pleasure of paper folding with origami, and you might want to check out this project from Harvard’s Robert Wood and team. Wood has somehow managed to put tiny actuators onto pieces of origami paper, which will allow it to fold itself into many shapes. I have included a video of it after the jump so you can see it miraculously fold into a boat or a …

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Stamp.y stamps off your photos

by Ally

Polaroid cameras still get a bit of love even now, despite the age of the technology.  You can’t help but love instant pictures no matter where you’re at.  Well this concept design taps into that just a little.  It gives you instant pictures, but in a very different way.  Instead of printing out pictures, it just gives you a stamp to use on random bits of paper.

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Dog Lamp Desk Organizer

by Ally

If you’re feeling a little crafty, this could make a weekend project for those of you not scared off by wiring jobs.  This isn’t a kit that’s up for purchase, but the idea might be enough to give you some ideas on how to make your own version of this sort of thing.  This dog design makes it perfect for kids who want to have their own desk space to …

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Vortex Cannon can bring down the house

by Mark R

I found this particular device reminded me of a handheld gun that I saw in Minority Report. In the film, Tom Cruise managed to spin this weapon, Wild West Style, and it created a blast of air that was more than enough to “blow the man down”. The Vortex Cannon is much heavier, but it is capable of shooting a ring-shaped cloud that is capable of traveling at 200 miles …

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California to get digital license plates?

by Mark R

I’ve learned that there is a group in San Francisco that wants to make license plates digital. This doesn’t surprise me. I suppose that print is a slowly dying medium, and I think we all knew that all road signs are going to be replaced with video displays. License plates are things that change all the time, and if there was some digital way of tracking them and changing them …

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Programmable LED Traffic Signs

by Ally

Instead of always switching out to a brand new sign when a speed limit changes, cities could put in these LED signs.  They’re programmable, so when changes need to be made it means just sending out a technician to reprogram it, instead of just tossing out the sign entirely.  Of course this is just a design by Alexey Chugunnikov, but some of the more progressive areas might end up liking …

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Flexible Speaker for the iPhone

by Edwin

Speakers tend to be bulky, and even though they are portable, they do take up a fair amount of space. The Flexible Speaker for the iPhone idea takes a totally different role however, where it resembles more like a hanging charm over the iPhone thanks to the clever use of “Flat Flexible Laminated, (FFT) Loudspeaker technology”. Basically, FFT technology is paper-thin and foldable, where the latter aspect is absolutely vital …

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Airship Hotel: Lighter than air, but is still a heavy concept

by Mark R

I always wanted to see a world that we dreamed of before the airplane was invented. A world where airships fill the skies like artificial clouds, and we can live on them as long as we fill them with helium. We’ve reported about similar concepts before with this self-sustaining blimps, the Aircruise, and the Boeing Skyhook. Yeah, I don’t think that this design, known as Airship Traveling, will ever come …

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