Solar Lantern expands and collapses

by Ally

Solar lanterns are neat and can be very handy for some quick lighting when you need it.  However, you might not want them on display at all times.  For those cases you might look into this collapsible design.  It’d be great for when you’d like to take them camping or just don’t have a designated outdoor area that you always sit within.

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High voltage power towers that look like men

by Mark R

You’ve seen giant utility towers before, and they don’t look like this. Their design really is…well, utilitarian. These utility towers are designed by the Massachusetts architecture firm Choi + Shire, and they recently won an honorable mention award at the Icelandic High Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition, as well as an award from the Boston Society of Architects for unbuilt architecture. I believe that this concept project is called …

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GE Visible You makes you a dancing skeleton

by Mark R

This is GE Visible You, on display at the Shanghai Expo. As you can see, it can help the user to act out their body as a living X-ray. I’m sure that you’re probably wondering how this could be, as X-rays create a lot of harmful radiation. No, think of this like an application of the Microsoft Kinect. (Oh, a Kinect App, is there such a thing? Will there be?) …

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Robotic Wheelchair to Follow You

by Mark R

I’m not certain what comes to your mind when you read the words “robotic wheelchair” in the headline. Perhaps a normal wheelchair that is pushed by a robot like C3PO, or one that runs on completely on automation (like an R2-D2 wheelchair, if we can extend the Star Wars metaphor). Actually, this is a concept project from the Saitama University Human and Robot Interaction Center. As you can see from …

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Metropia will redefine traffic

by Mark R

Some of you might remember that gigantic-enormous rail train that can go over two lanes of traffic, to hopefully be built in China. This is another piece of concept technology called Metrotopia. That certainly sounds like the city of the future with this idea to beat traffic. Picture a city where everyone drives around in a two-seater transport vehicle that has some sort of ball on the bottom that is …

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Laser Backpack can scan interiors in 3D

by Mark R

Just to let you know, this man isn’t some new intern at the Ghostbusters. He is wearing a prototype of a room-scanning backpack. Yes, it is heavy, but this UC Berkley project is downright useful. It has a lot of lasers and cameras on it, and the wearer can walk down a hall, stairs, or even caves and use the data to generate a really quick 3D model. It essentially …

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Magic Mirror can do some interesting, interactive things

by Mark R

We’ve seen a lot of magic mirrors here on Coolest Gadgets, like the Magic Mirror Security System and the Interactive Mirror. This is another in a short line of magical mirrors. This “magic mirror” is designed by Al Linke, and my source says that it was originally designed for his daughter’s playhouse. I’m not certain what he intended it to do for his daughter, maybe some sort of Snow White …

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Rock’Em Sock ‘Em Robots done wirelessly

by Mark R

I am sure that you don’t really need an introduction to the game that these people are playing. I’m sure all of us have played Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots at some point in our lives. I’m also sure that you have noticed that the people playing this game are not using their hands. That is because Zachery Shivers and Anne Flichbaugh have made Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots motion …

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