Hover Like This Champion

by Alison

The game of golf has not had many transportation revelations in its history. The pull cart helped get the bag off the back. And of course the golf cart made the game even easier for lazy people and made long, hilly courses more bearable. But even those have limitations like not driving on the green or not being able to get across water. Hard to imagine that anything else could …

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Rinspeed’s MicroMAX could be the new people mover

by Edwin

Frequent travelers ought to be able to identify with the feeling of waiting for a pre-arranged airport shuttle pickup, or even spending their precious time under a bus stop as the airport’s very own shuttle bus makes its rounds once every half an hour. Well, Rinspeed could very well relegate all of that to the annals of history, as the Swiss automaker recently showcased their latest electric vehicle that they …

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Construct Your Own Vehicle

by Alison

Did you have a basket of LEGO™ as a kid? A kid could play with LEGO or other construction toys for hours on end. Build houses, vehicles or whatever. But did you ever wish that someday you could have life sized houses or vehicles just like you designed? I did. Now days you have Minecraft and other video-based construction games which introduce different skills. But really, does building a virtual …

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Lifesaving Glasses

by Alison

Glasses could turn into the next big tech thing. First you’ve got Google starting to tout their upcoming Google Glass product. Many of the functions of our smartphones will be included in their “smart spectacles” – which will attempt to eliminate the awkward fumbling that inevitably occurs when we need our phone. Next up in the world of glasses? A conceptual gadget from Johns Hopkins University looks to include a …

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Billiards Training Tool

by Alison

Quick. Name your favorite bar game. Darts? Trivia? Foosball? I’m guessing pool or snooker will win out in most cases. Bars have to make serious revenue on drinks and games to let the tables occupy so much space. And billiards players take their games seriously. Don’t mess with that person who has their coins waiting on the table. They may look harmless. But they are focused. And they end up …

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Learn to Glide from the Master

by Alison

Years ago we told you about Yves Rossey, a.k.a. Jetman, when he managed to pull off some aerial loops and roll himself like a plane while wearing a jet pack, thousands of feet up in the air and at over 200 mph. He was 51 at the time. Rossey must be getting bored. He released another video a few weeks ago and he is jet free this time. Yep. A …

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Ping Pong Balls Faster than Sound?

by Alison

You have got to love engineering students. They (and their professors) come up with some interesting ways to prove and disprove theories. Granted it is not all fun and games, but it looks fun when they get done. I don’t know about you, but when I was in college our projects were not nearly as fun as what some engineering students at Purdue’s College of Technology have been up to. …

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Charge with Body Heat

by Alison

Think about how much power our bodies generate. We are truly machines, constantly taking in energy and burning or storing it for future use. We rely on electronic devices for so many parts of our life, all of which have to be plugged into a power source. It seems logical that we should be able to harness the energy in our body and funnel it towards electrical uses. Many have …

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