Eco-city is solar-powered, holds one hundred thousand

by Mark R

Lately, I have been covering a lot of hands-on reviews of real products before the holidays, and it has been a while since I have covered a cool concept design that I probably will never see in my lifetime. Then again, this domed city is called Eco-city 2020, and I’m not certain that is a realistic deadline for this project. That would give them only a decade to complete it.

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E-Tomb – Dead goes digital

by Julie

I hate talking about dying, I spend more time than I think is right, wondering about my mortality. In fact my husband and I debate over whether we need a nice luxurious vault, or a quick and easy cremation, and up until now, cremation was for me. I just couldn’t think of a single reason to be stuck in the cold, wet ground.

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University of Arizona working on Holographic Telecommuting

by Mark R

Apparently, someone really wants an age of holographic telecommuting. So that when we want to talk with someone on the phone or webcam, we will see an actual life-sized hologram of the person that we are talking to, like in Star Wars. I’m seen some attempts at creating this effect, such as’s coverage of the 2008 election on CNN, plus this other glass-projection at the International Stationery and Office …

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Urbee, the 3D printed car

by Mark R

This is Urbee, not to be confused with Herbie, a sentient Volkswagen from Walt Disney. Urbee could easily be as unique as the Love Bug, as it is the only car ever to have its frame, including the glass, made from a 3D printer. I don’t know about the engine or the other inner workings. The two-seat car was made by 3D printing Stratasys and engineering company Kor Ecoogic. Urbee …

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Shoot this light out with the Bang!lamp

by Mark R

When it comes turning an appliance off from a distance, you could use some Universal remote, or even the Clapper. Or you could use this Bang! lamp. The lamp can be turned off with a special gun-shaped remote. All you need to do is point it at the lamp and pull the trigger. Not only does this “kill the light”, but the lamp shade will do a tilt thing, like …

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Here’s a printer for your flesh

by Mark R

Okay, this is one of those very intriguing concept technologies that seems too crazy to ever be true. This is an experimental procedure at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine that allows the user to print new skin on using a device that looks similar to a regular ink jet printer. This “skin printer” uses two heads that can propel a combination of skin cells, collagen, blood coagulants onto a …

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The Transparent hole-puncher

by Mark R

Disclaimer: There are probably a lot cooler gadgets to report on rather than this. After all, we’ve got robots that look and sound human, for crying out loud! Not to mention all the cool consumer electronics that get released on a daily basis. So why should I consider writing about a three-hole punch made of transparent plastic? Because we flippin’ need one, that’s why!

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Null Concept Car has “Apps” option

by Mark R

This is the Null, and it is a concept electric vehicle designed by Jeongche Yoon to be the super-compact car of the future. I suppose the electric and super-compact design are supposed to be made for this era of eco-friendly vehicles that are often taken on the road by one driver. It also has another feature for this century: the App. Yes, this car has apps. These apps aren’t the …

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