How the THKR-4 robot rings in the new year

by Mark R

I’m not certain if it is New Year’s Day by the time you read this, because I know our readers are worldwide and are in different time zones. I couldn’t think of a better time to post this than now. This picture and attached video (see after the jump) were taken at the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project in Yokohama Japan, and it would appear that they were celebrating New Year’s …

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Lumi Mask Sleep Goggles

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we covered the Sleeptracker Elite Pro watch, a watch with an alarm that works by waking the user up at an optimal time. This reminds me of this Lumi Mask, and it is designed to wake up someone by projecting “natural” light on the face. It begins 30 minutes prior to the wake-up time, so that wake-up time is a whole lot easier. Just …

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Ring Socket Power Plug

by Mark R

I’m sure that all of us are or at least should be trying to conserve power as much as possible. I’ve discovered how easy it is to save a few bucks every month by unplugging my television and computer before I go to sleep. This Ring Socket product is another way of conserving power by having the user set a pre-determined hour when the power goes off. All the user …

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Swim faster with the Corsuit

by Mark R

What you are looking at is the Corsuit, and it is designed to increase speed in swimming. Granted, I am not certain why you need speed in swimming, because certain swimming racing suits have been banned from international competitions. I think they were ruled as giving competitors an unfair advantage. The Corsuit was created by Sam James, and it is a simple plastic board that can force the back into …

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How to unlock an iPhone with a ring

by Mark R

I’ve recently got a Motorola Droid X phone (which I will probably review later on this site), and I found that getting yourself a smartphone with a pure touchscreen interface can lead a user to all kinds of security issues. After all, the screen will activate with any touch, and so anyone with a finger can access my e-mail and possibly the important information available there. A man named Michael …

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Is It a Map or a Projector? It’s Maptor!

by Julie

I love to travel and explore new places. But I have to tell you, I spent at least half of my trip to Paris finding, and reading the Metro maps. I’m still not sure how I ever made it to where I was going, but it was a great trip nonetheless. On my next adventure, I’d like to have Maptor with me, it’s a combination map and projector, that can …

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Here’s a Solar-powered Rainbow Machine

by Mark R

We once reported on a Solar Powered Rainbow Maker before, but this particular rainbow maker is not related, and quite bigger. Michael Jones McKean is currently working on an artificial rainbow machine, which uses reclaimed rainwater and sunlight to create rainbow effect that you see here in this picture. Apparently, it uses some jet pumps and create fountain nozzles to spritz some water in the air, and then the sunlight …

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Guide robot from Japan’s Tsukuba University

by Mark R

I saw this particular robot the other day, and I’m not certain why I didn’t report on it. After all, I see a lot of robots here on my watch, and this one stood out on me. This is the Talk-Torque Guide Robot developed by researchers at Japan’s Tsukuba University. According to my Source, the “robot’s primary function is to interact with people via non-verbal communication and overall body language”. …

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