Crikey still no Mac tablet,,, or will there be?

by Fred

ARRRRGHH!!! So I still want a tablet from Apple.   However, I do have to say, it looks like the iPhone is out to change all the mobiles on the planet for the better. Thank you Steve!! Don’t worry, I’ll come back to that,, it has bearing on this conversation.   Due to the dogged determination of the boys at that big fruit stand in Cupertino they’ve turned out a …

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Device that spots fake drugs

by Edwin


I’m not sure what kind of job you’re holding if you need this gadget, as you could be on either side of the law. Still, it makes a pretty interesting bit of news for all and sundry – there is now a device that is capable of detecting as to whether the drug in question is a counterfeit or not, even if it is still inside the packaging. I suspect …

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Time to dance to some Jedi grooves

by Edwin


This unique lightsaber is supposed to come with 8GB of internal memory to store all the intergalactic musical favorites while you are busy navigating your X-Wing through the Death Star trench. Apparently the presence of an LCD display along the lightsaber’s handle provides all the basic information regarding the song being played at the moment. Navigation is made possible by turning the base of the hilt in the preferred direction. …

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Peugeot, any way you pronounce it, you’ll be close!

by Fred

Puegeot Flux Mihai Panaitescu, Italie

Yes, Peugeot’s yearly design contest for aspiring transportation designers is upon us. The top thirty are there for us to revel in, in all their glory. Here are the top 10, and here are the 20 behind them. This year’s well caffeinated young designers will have spent this semester (and possibly longer) sketching their brains out to Peugeot’s theme of PLEASE Innovate, with the word PLEASE forming a clever acronym …

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Never carry around your bike seat again

by Mike


The Locksit probably won’t appeal to the occasional biker, the one who just likes to take a quick ride around the neighborhood, but for the person who relies on their bike every single day to get to and from work, this gadget will be a nice addition to their lives. Just think, you’ll never have to carry around your bike seat again.

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Future cops get new toys to play with

by Edwin


Most little boys grew up with the notion that only James Bond had the coolest gadgets to play with, but they were sorely mistaken when they hit puberty and their minds realized that most of the devices featured in Bond movies were figments of imagination, and to lay their hands on such high-tech toys was virtually impossible. Popular Science has something more down to earth for everyone, with an article …

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USB Subbuteo Players

by Al

Subbuteo Players

This is a USB drive with a twist (well flick) when it’s not being used as a thumb drive you can connect it to a different base and use it as a substitute Subbuteo player. With the googol of different drives on the market it’s about time they started making them useful in other ways (not that I ever was any good at Subbuteo). The USB key is designed by …

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USB Keyholder

by Al

USB Keyholder

As USB keyfobs get more popular maybe this conceptual keyholder will become reality. Designed by Gerry Stuart (a site I found impossible to navigate) found on Design Spotter.

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