Move over, motion controls

by Edwin

What’s this motion controls you talk about? Rumble feature? All those pale in comparison when it comes to the gaming controller of choice, especially when faced with Emotiv’s Project Epoc. This spunky start-up from Down Under has developed a brand new gaming peripheral that makes the world of video and computer games accessible to virtually anyone and everyone with a head. How is this possible, you ask? The answer is …

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Patent Series Nr.7 – Human Car Wash & Hurricane Bed

by Tiago

Human Car Wash

Previous Patent Series: Number 1 – The Smokers Hat Number 2 – The Baby Cage & Be The Bike Number 3 – Anti-Eating Mouth Cage & Doggie Umbrella Number 4 – Air Conditioned Shoes & The Big Ash Bib Number 5 – Birdman of Alcatraz & Boatless Water Skiing Number 6 – The Baby Patter & Car Bib Human Car Wash The Human Car Wash is an intelligent system that …

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Calendars, planners and apps,, Oh my! Do they suck!

by Fred


I’m MAD! Not in the Mothers Against Drunk Driving type,, but mad nonetheless. This weekend for some weird reason, my palm pilot crapped out on me and though my contacts and memos still exist, I completely lost all distinct events listed in my calendar (my 4th pilot since 1997, love them for their simplicity, kinda frustrated right now). Maybe I’m just dumb (don’t worry I hit the revert button right …

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This Clock Could Help with your Email Obsession

by Nick

Email Clock

If you are one of those persons that keep constantly checking your email at all times of the day, wasting your time and patience, I’m sure you’ll find this Email Clock concept to be very helpful. The clock was designed by Tom Igoe, a teacher and researcher at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University that suffers from the same email checking obsession.

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The Hoodie Chair

by Al

Hoodie Chair

Okay so I’ve got no idea what the point of this is but it does look kind of cool, the hoodie chair, part furniture part clothing. Designed by Broberg Ridderstrale found via Crib Candy.

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Bluetooth glove controller of the future

by Edwin


How many of us have wished upon a star to be able to control electrical appliances at the snap of our fingers? I am sure we love to be able to take the “point and click” concept to the next level by “point and activate”. This could be the activation method of the future that will replace the all-powerful universal remote control – an electronic glove that is capable of …

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Pussy Cat robot also a computer

by Edwin


When you mentioned the word PC, most of us often think of something rectangle or square. Never in a million years would the layman think out of the box to create a multi-functional computer that does more than just crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. The Microsoft Next PC Design affair managed to produce some pretty quirky concepts, and among them is the Pussy Cat robot. It can be either a …

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The Last House You’ll Ever Need

by Nick

The Last House

Even though I made a pun in the title of this post, this is a very serious subject. With value of the land increasing in deeply populated areas, it seems even the place for the final rest is getting more expensive every year. Cemeteries are getting more crowded, and no wonder, since people have been dying all the time. Korean architect Chanjoong Kim, founder of the System Lab has a …

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