The Handsfree Bluetooth Pillow Phone

by Andrew

We can say, with relative certainty, that the PerCushion is probably the most comfortable phone in the world, though whether you’ll ever get to finish a conversation without nodding off is quite another matter.

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EV-X7 – a cool electric motorcycle

by Al


The EV-X7 is a new kind of electric motorcycle which has a top speed of 90mph (maybe even a 100 down a very steep hill) and a range of up to 110 miles off a 6 hour charge. The improved performance is put down to new type of motor that is both lighter and more efficient and appropriately called the Sumo hybrid (have you ever heard of a lite sumo?). …

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Digital Hour Glass Watch

by Al

Digital Hour Glass Watch

This is a cool looking idea, the sand + time watch, an egg timer for your wrist. The watch would function in two ways, the first as a conventional watch displaying the time (hours at the top, minutes at the bottom) but in the more interesting other mode the display will take on the form of an old fashioned egg timer and display the sand falling from the top screen …

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BillaBoop Drum Machine

by Al


The BillaBoop is a new kind of drumming machine, it recognises sounds that you make like clapping a desk or clicking your fingers and then converts them into a proper drum noise. BillaBoop has been developed by PhD student Amaury Hazan (students have so much fun) whose studying Machine Learning, Music Cognition and Audio Signal Processing. Which basically means he’s pretty clever and has programmed the BillaBoop to learn the …

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Is This the Future Of Communication Technology?

by Nick

MS Research

This MS Research inspirational video shows us a vision on what the future of communication technology could be. The video was created to promote internships and careers in Computer Science at the MS Research Labs. The flying gadget depicted in the video is a camera, a communications device, a fully working computer and more. Unfortunately this seems unrealistic and may take a long time for this dream to become reality, …

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Eclipse concept cellphone

by Edwin


It goes without saying that nearly everybody has a cellphone these days, but how many of them actually use all the features that come along with it? Granted, having a 3 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities along with the ability to watch full length movies on the (albeit) tiny screen is nice to have, but how many of you actually use it on a frequent basis to warrant a …

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Personal Alarm Watch Helps the Hearing Impaired

by Al

Personal Alarm Watch

Designer Nikita Golovlev has come up with an innovative idea for a watch that could be a real life saver. The Personal Alarm Watch will detect important events like fire alarms and alert the wearer by vibration and flashing lights.

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Golf Ball Launcher

by Al

Golf ball gun

Is that a man shooting birds, nope it’s a bloke with a decidedly dodgy mullet playing golf with the golf ball launcher. Designed for people that have mobility issues or who are just crap at golf is the golf ball launcher is capable of firing balls from 25 yards to over 300 . Instead of having to whack the ball with a club you simply pump up your launcher, load, …

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