All your base are belong to us!

by Edwin

In this day and age, to go to war without Global Positioning System (GPS) would practically be suicide, as you won’t be able to pinpoint the exact location of your targets as well as troops. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has obviously thought about such a GPS-less situation, and has awarded a concept development contract to a team of bigwig corporations led by none other than Boeing. …

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Kodak gets fancy

by James

LCD Locket

The “1881” may look like an old heirloom handed down from generation to generation, but it’s actually a digital camera. This is the latest cool, yet functional design was sponsored by Kodak for a study on the future of wearable technology and designed by industrial designer Lindsey Picket. It’s a circular locket style digital camera that is described as a “high tech device hidden in a low tech disguise.” This …

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Cellphones to smell in the future?

by Edwin


Motorola has recently received a patent for a handset which is capable of releasing scents by heating a gel packet, operating on the same principle as that of a plug-in air freshener. The handset comes with a power amplifier that can activate this feature without having the cellphone suffer from dramatic design changes. This is essential since Motorola has long moved on from unwieldy cellphones to their current slick and …

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Eco Friendly Volt Chevy

by Darrell

Volt Chevy

Not to sound like a tree-hugging hippie…but, in my opinion, which is pretty much regarded as fact in most academic circles, there is no reason the world should be so heavily reliant on one type of power source to run our motor vehicles. With the amount of scientific man power out there in this increasingly global community there is no excuse for being so technologically narrow. GMs E-Flex Propulsion System, …

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CD Jewel Box takes on digital concept

by Edwin


Any serious music lover would definitely have built up a sizable collection of audio CDs over the past two decades, and while the CDs sound as good as they were from the first day of purchase, the same might not apply to the CD jewel cases and album art. Chances are these cases will be scratched or even cracked, while the album art and inserts would definitely have received some …

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Swiss Smartfish, the future of flight, or flying fancy?

by Fred


Ahh Switzerland’s latest brainchild is the Smartfish. It’s a hydrogen fuel cell powered plane that features a lifting body and an alternative fueled turbofan powerplant. The styling is aero-outrageous. This team has been developing the Smartfish since July of 2003 and have really generated a great system of both IP development (that means they’re patenting some sweet technology (the airfoils, control systems, and powerplant systems), as well as scaling up …

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Droid could enter healthcare workforce in future

by Edwin


A human-sized android was paraded in a public demonstration in the middle of last week in Tokyo, and it was proudly showing off its weightlifting skills to everybody by picking up a 30kg package from a desk as well as lifting a 66kg humanoid doll out of bed. I suppose this droid would definitely be a boon to nurses and healthcare providers worldwide, since plenty of patients these days are …

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Cool Conceptual Toaster

by Al

Cool Toaster

Designed by Atil Kizilbayir this is one of the coolest toasters I’ve ever seen. The toaster is designed to work like a heated tunnel, you put plain bread into the toasting carriage at one end, the ‘x’ seconds later the carriage pops out the other end with nicely tanned toast. If this conceptual toaster ever becomes a reality I’ll be buying one though I’m not getting my hopes up. via …

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