A new way to PCR, helping to sequence DNA cheaper and faster

by Fred

Polymerase Chain Reaction,, the bane of many a scientist’s life. Heat, cool, heat a bit again, repeat ad-nauseum until your many samples are completed. It’s the process by which DNA (genetic material copies are made to later sequence). Victor Ugaz and his team at Texas A&M (Gig em Aggies!) Have developed a PCR machine that at production could cost as little as 10$ (US) to make. Oh yeah, and they …

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Custom toast printing

by Al

Toast Printer

Last year we reported on the breakfast art toaster, well things have moved on a bit since, we now have the CNC toaster which when connected to a computer you can print your own designs. The CNC toaster works a bit like an inkjet printer, but instead of feeding it paper you feed it sandwiches bread and instead of squirting ink on (ruining your breakfast) it blasts the bread with …

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Energy Tree keeps tab on your energy consumption

by Edwin


Going green seems to be the mantra these days, and this line of thinking is exhibited in the Energy Tree concept from Yanko Design. Designer Ben Arent aims to bring together technology and the physical environment by developing a system that uses a real life tree which is hooked up to a microprocessor. This device will then control the watering and feeding of the tree automatically – but with an …

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Lucifer lights up your matches

by Edwin


I seriously wonder how many people these days light up their cigarettes with a match still. After all, Zippo lighters are more or less the end all and be all when it comes to getting your cancer stick lighted up since it is ever reliable, doesn’t snuff out at the slightest breath, and looks cool whenever you flick its cover open. While the very word Lucifer will probably make you …

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Keyport Slide – goodbye to the huge dangling key chains

by Andi

Keyport Slide

I hate my keys. Loud, heavy, pointy pieces of metal, easy to lose, hard to find among the others, even fragile, and used everywhere. Door keys, gate keys, car and bike keys, locker keys.. they’re everywhere. Wouldn’t you like a way to get rid of them, and of your RFID tags and car remotes? There might just be a chance here…

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Concept Hybrid Motorcycle

by Mike D


Permit me a moment of heresy. I certainly can appreciate the visceral sensation derived from the sound and power generated by downshifting a Ducati or Harley. The reality we all need to face is that hybrids are pervasive and the line of concept bikes from ecycle might re-define the hog. Designed by Machineart of Frenchtown, NJ, these bikes will put some green into your machine.

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A Video Dress that Combines Fashion and Technology

by Nick

Video Dress

The Turkish designer Hussein Cahalayan sure knows how to impress his audience. After showing clothes that changed shapes using microcontrollers, switches and motors in Paris, he created a video dress that’s even more striking, showing a time lapse of a rose opening and closing up, in a spectacular display of colours and light, created from 15.000 LEDs that are embedded in the fabric.

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Subtitle Glasses prototype now available

by Edwin


Watching movies is a favorite past time for many people, but more often than not we have to contend with the plague/blessing of subtitles, depending on which camp you come from. While you have the option of turning off or choosing different languages when it comes to subtitles on a DVD from the comfort of your home, you don’t have that luxury when snuggling up with your mate at a …

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