HP’s E-book Reader Let’s You Flip through the Pages

by Nick

HP presented its new concept for a next generation e-book reader at the 2007 HP Mobility Summit in Shanghai, China. This A4 sized e-book reader has an intuitive interface on which you flip through the virtual pages of the e-book just as you would turn the pages in a real book.

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Shining Cuckoo Clock

by Al

Shining Clock

If this comes into production it will be the ultimate in cult clocks. Based on that immortal scene from “The Shining”, every hour you’ll be greeted by Jacks head coming through the door uttering “Here’s Johnny” Designed by Chris Dimino, there’s no signs of licensing or production unfortunately.

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LG Philips shows off bendy screen

by David

lg philips

They call it e-paper, but in reality it is probably neither one nor the other. But whatever it is called, it is most defiantly a next generation display screen. Being flexible it means that there are so many more possibilities for this to be introduced into, something like this if it works as good as they say it will, we can expect to see new ideas for computing and communications.

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Is this laptop concept the future mobile computing?

by James

Traveller Laptop Concept

The Traveller laptop concept by Nikita Golovlev may just represent a quantum leap of what may be possible in mobile computing thanks to ePaper, the flexible plastic display under development which is downright miserly on power consumption and can provide motion graphics that are as clear as their LCD counterparts. At least in theory.

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Sat Nav for Tourists

by Al


If this thing ever becomes a reality I’ll be first in the queue for the satellite navigator for tourists AKA the Traveller. Designed by the Nikita Golovlev who was also responsible for the AlarMe safety device that we reported on, the Traveller is a combination of laptop and personal satellite navigator device.

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UAV meets smart mobile munitions, for seriously messing up bad guys

by Fred

Thanks to Noah over at the Danger Room (he used to be at Defense Tech till Wired threw down the big bucks for him (I hope you’re getting the big bucks Noah your work is great). We have this bit of amazing wizardry. DARPA (they make the cool stuff civilians don’t see for 20 years) has developed the CCLR a non-line of sight lethal recon killer drone. Basically it is …

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A $10 Laptop?

by James


You read right. First came the $100 One Laptop Per Child windup laptop project, now researchers in India believe they can make one even cheaper, try $10! This is according to a proposal winding it’s way through the Indian government which believes a laptop computer can be made now for as low as $10. That means that ten times as many computers could conceivably be made available to poor and …

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3D Printing on the horizon

by James


Imagine it. Your baby daughter innocently breaks a piece off your son’s model airplane causing sibling rivalry to flare out of control. No problem, go online to the Revel website, pay .99 for the replacement, download the 3D file and hit print. In less time than it takes to drink a cup of java, you have a replacement part ready to reinstall, and his plane “flies” again.

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