Scroll concept all but impossible

by Edwin

For now, at least. Seriously speaking, how the heck are you going to cram in computer parts which are capable of running Windows XP or Vista in such a slim device as this? Surely motherboards have not shrunk to such a small size. The rest of the specifications as furnished by 13 Tech Design are possible though, including a touch screen display, a 10 megapixel camera with full HD camcorder …

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Giant Urinal or Rotating Shower Bath

by Al

rotating bath

This is a bit of a twist (well spin) on a traditional bathroom, a bath one minute but a with a 180 degree turn it transforms into a shower. Designed by Ron Arad, the “Rotator” is made out of duralight® and is more of a work of art than just a simple bath. However looking at it does not fill me confidence about the comfort of bathing in it. To …

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Moped Runs on Air

by Mark R

Moped Runs on Air

I have seen the future, and contrary to what Al Gore thinks, it is actually a convenient truth. One day, we all will drive vehicles that will run on air, and will actually produce healthy emissions instead of pollutants like carbon monoxide gases. I had my brief glimpse into this Earth-friendly future when I heard about Jem Stansfield, a former shepherd now turned inventor who has designed an air powered …

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Audi Snook

by Mark R

Audi Snook

When I was in high school, I read this dark science fiction novel by Piers Anthony entitled The Ring. In this work, the author (who is most famous for his fantasy) presents us with a world full of gyrocars, one-passenger vehicles that somehow rode on just one wheel. I don’t know if Tilmann Schootz, German designer of the Audi Snook, has ever read The Ring, but it certainly looks like …

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Remember Ring ensures you’ll never forget another anniversary

by Chris

Remember Ring

If you’ve ever forgotten an anniversary or birthday of your wife, you’ve likely felt the fully wrath of a woman. Regardless of the gift you get her, you’re still likely to be in the doghouse after forgetting such an important date. But fear not, as modern technology has found a way to make sure you’ll never forget again. The Remember Ring looks like an ordinary white gold wedding band which …

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Intel is hoping to revolutionize the industry with the Atom

by Chris

Asus Atom UMPC

I’m not quite in the market for a tiny portable PC just yet, however, once I am ready there will be plenty of options to choose from. While the Eee PC from Asus really sparked things last year, Intel’s Atom chip is likely going to revolutionize the industry. At least that’s what Intel is hoping to do.

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LED Dog Tail Communicator

by Mark R

LED Dog Tail Communicator

As the owner of a Labrador Retriever, I have to give this product some credit. After all, what dog owner doesn’t want to know what his or her dog is trying to say? Unfortunately, this device is just a concept, probably because perfection of this technology would change the world as we know it. This LED Dog Tail Communicator is designed by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau, and is on …

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With NAPPAK, You can Sleep Anywhere, especially the office

by James


Long all nighters at the office, overnight camp outs at the beach, or just a fun way to do a slumber party. The Nappak is the answer to sleep comfort away from home. Built in response to a 2004 German Study that found that a daily power nap can help improve efficiency and morale in the office, the Nappak was designed by four college students who sought to provide a …

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