OLPC Touch XO 2

by Mark R

We just recently covered a story about the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program receiving Windows XP, and it appears a new upgrade may be in place. As you can see by the picture, the proposed next-generation XO-2 is a laptop anyone would be proud to own. The XO-2 uses two touchscreens, and is half the size of the original environmentally-friendly XO laptop that we have all come to appreciate. …

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Lil Rinser Keeps Child’s Eyes Shampoo-Free

by AndrewD


Kids aren’t given enough credit for the hardships they have to deal with. Since they can’t function fully on their own yet, there’s always someone telling them what to do, or just doing it for them. It might sound like a dream, but when it comes to bath time, having others do things for you can get messy. One of my worst childhood fears was getting soap in my eyes. …

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OLPC project to get Windows XP

by Edwin


The noble One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project recently revealed that the Windows XP operating system from Microsoft will, in the future, be available on XO laptops in addition to the current open source Linux operating system which they are currently using. The Windows-based XO systems will be released in the upcoming pilot programs from June onwards, and it is nice to see that the OLPC group and Microsoft finally …

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32 Foot Water Blaster

by Edwin


Summer will soon rear its head, and boy am I looking forward to a more sunny disposition. The 32 Foot Water Blaster will be perfect for any poolside activities if you happen to hold a party then. This water bazooka uses air-powered pump action to safely fire 32′ streams of water, allowing you to drench your target from long-distance. The gun has two nozzles that rotate as the gun is …

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Bear Baby Bath Thermometer

by Edwin


Bathing your baby can be quite the bonding experience for either father or mother, and it makes perfect sense to get just the right temperature as you wouldn’t want to scald or shock the little one now, do you? The Bear Baby Bath Thermometer certainly comes in handy, helping you measure the current temperature of the bathwater by turning on automatically the moment it floats. Since it is made out …

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Trunki offers relief for parents

by Edwin


Parents who find it difficult to manage their kids at airports when traveling to far off exotic places might be able to find some relief with the Trunki ride-on suitcase for kids. Colourful, fun and super-stable, Trunki features integrated wheels, steering ‘horn’ grips and a contoured saddle allowing kids to safely ride their luggage through the terminal. And if they tire of yee-hah-ing around duty free they can take Trunki …

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DIY Terrestrial Globe

by Edwin


So you think you’re a whiz at Tetris and all things puzzle – why not give the DIY Terrestrial Globe a try then? This is one interesting jigsaw puzzle that shouldn’t take up too much of your time, but it will definitely be a fun and imaginative way to teach your kids about geography. Granted, knowing how the world looks like when flat in the form of a map is …

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Skimboard Surfer

by Edwin


No need to pack up and travel for miles just to get your surfing kicks in as long as you have the Skimboard Surfer. This nifty home-based device will bring all the fun of the beach to your backyard, as long as you own a decent-sized pool to go. With a 26 foot (7.9m) water filled slide and a 30″ pro-quality plywood skim board, this kit will keep kids (and …

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