Sound Advice Project

by Mark R

I know this is hard to believe, but that little bracelet that you see there is saying “I believe in you”. Actually, it is what you would happen if you spoke into a microphone, printed out the waveform of the message, and cast the waveform in a bracelet. This bracelet is made by The Sound Advice Project, and it is a nice way for a parent to send a message …

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Musical KaleidoDisk

by Edwin

Kids these days often need to change their toys extremely frequently as they tend to get bored super fast. Enter the Musical KaleidoDisk – a single unit that offers two amazing toys that will be described in greater detail below. First you have decorative disks that you can insert into the unit. As the disk spins, it surrounds the mirrors, plays music, and lights up creating a musical kaleidoscope (it’s …

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The Energy Saving Fox Table Lamp with Night Light

by Ally

If you’re looking for a light to make your child feel more secure at night, this one is multifunctional enough that it might save you a little money.  It has two lights built-in to both illuminate activities such as reading and then a second light to create a soft glow for the kids that are scared of what might go bump in the night.  Plus it’s in the shape of …

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USB Lovely Bear MP3 Player

by Edwin

Most people love teddy bears – who can actually resist the power of a super cute bear anyways? Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, the humble teddy bear can now be infused with MP3 playback capability, allowing you to record your favorite songs to go to bed with it as a comfort toy. Alternatively, you can always gift this bear to someone else and use the built-in voice recorder …

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The Kid Finder Remote Tracking

by Ally

Kids have a couple features that make them challenging, one of them being that they can move about freely.  They have no off button and stating “stay” rarely actually gets them to stay.  Which means you have to adapt to those little monsters.  Well now Princeton has created a device to help you track your kids, pets and in the event that you fail and your kid gets kidnapped, even …

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Camo Power Popper

by Edwin

Love some paintball action and yet don’t want to stand the pain or do plenty of cleaning up afterwards? There is always the Camo Power Popper that features a dozen bright hunting orange balls made out of foam. These soft foam balls will not hurt anybody, making it the perfect sport be it indoors or outdoors. We’d like to think that investing $15.99 on this would be best played indoors …

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Cleanwater Infant Bath Tub with Digital Thermometer

by Ally

It has been argued that bath tubs for your baby are not really necessary.  After all, they only work for a short period of time while your baby is little.  Then some parents after getting their baby home realize that they prefer other methods to keep them clean, therefore the tub begins to collect dust.  However, this new tub offers a benefit that might serve to soothe the frazzled nerves …

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The Spy Alarm Kit records when someone trespasses

by Ally

Every kid goes through phases where they want to be different things, a ninja, a magician and finally, a spy.  This little toy would appeal to aspiring spies in the family.  It would also appeal to kids attempting to keep older or younger siblings out of their room.  It won’t exactly bar them from the bedroom, but it’ll at least make a lot of noise.  Which means this is not …

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