Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector

by Edwin

Fireworks are always a thing of beauty, but they can get pretty expensive when you want to make a grand show out of it. With the Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector, you no longer have to worry about your house burning down or singed hair – all you need to do is make sure they’re adequately powered and you’re good to go. Resembling a small planetarium, this jaw-droppingly entertaining gizmo beams …

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Yoomi Bottle is self-heating

by Ally


Parenting definitely comes with its fair share of obstacles to overcome.  Most are manageable without all of the extra gadgets, but for an exhausted parent anything that makes the baby stop crying sooner is an absolute life saver.  That doesn’t mean a parent couldn’t easily walk to the kitchen and heat a bottle, but it would be nice to be able to create a warm bottle no matter where you’re …

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Illuminated JetBib Feeding System

by Ally


Parents have for years attempted to get their kids to eat a few bites more by just making airplane noises.  Well now you can add a little visual appeal to the usual routine.  Sure, it’s not actually necessary and the child probably won’t care either way, but it keeps parents entertained.  Plus you’ll feel less foolish making airplane noises when you have an airplane spoon and a lighted runway.

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Learn and Grow Robot

by Edwin


Kids just want to have fun, and what better way to learn than through toys and play? After all, don’t deprive your little one of his/her childhood with just books and more books – let them run wild at some point in order to go through the school of hard knocks. In the meantime, the Learn and Grow Robot might be just the thing to help them develop their mental …

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Disney themed USB 2.0 Cable

by Ally


I’ve always known that Disney was capable of slapping their brand name on just about anything.  I just never really expected to see Disney themed USB cables.  However, they’ve officially done it and in a way that doesn’t look too bad.  Thankfully they also don’t jack up the price to a horrible amount either, making them parent friendly as well as great for the kids.

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Tio Light Switch teaches kids about energy conservation

by Ally


Kids are notorious for leaving lights on.  They don’t have the burden of knowing how high that energy bill really is when they constantly leave the lights on within rooms they aren’t using.  This light switch was probably created to save the earth, but it might be nice to have purely to save your sanity.  With this visual reminder of how much energy is being used, it might help you …

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Etch A Sketch Freestyle makes curved lines easy

by Ally


Those of you that thought some toys were far too sacred and classic to be updated should probably look away, because you’re probably not going to like this one.  Instead of your kids playing with the same old version of Etch A Sketch that’s been around for years, they can have a fresh new version.  A version that basically takes any and all challenge out of drawing pictures on the …

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3D Interactive Smart Globe

by Edwin


For parents who want to make sure that their kids get a decent head start in life when it comes to education, the 3D Interactive Smart Globe might help in their quest a wee bit, at least from the geographical point of view. Simply pick up the remote-control Smart Pen and get started – touching the control panel and any country will give you masses of useful info about whatever …

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