Solar Racer Kit

by Ally

There are few better ways to spend an afternoon than building your own miniature racer and then getting to test it out.  It’s even better since this little car runs on the power of the sun, which means you won’t have to worry about switching out batteries constantly.  It’d be a great project to do with kids or just for yourself.  Just make sure that the kids are age 8 …

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Lego toys galore

by Edwin

Lego has been a really innovative toy over the years, and this time round at the Toy Fair 2010, Lego has again displayed the flexibility of their building blocks by boasting a bento box, huge Lego minifig alarms from the Star Wars universe, as well as a Lego Torch and Head Lamp that you see above. The Lego Torch and Head Lamp comes in the form of a regular, yellow-skinned …

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Baby Bidou MP3 Player

by Ally

Babies have their fair share of gadgets that most parents have come to find necessary.  Things like baby monitors and even sterilizing lights for their bottles.  One thing that some parents might also find handy is an MP3 player specifically for the baby.  It’s easily debatable that it’s really not necessary for a child that young, but if you like having your baby listen to music then it might make …

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Sharpshooter helicopter fires up the imagination

by Edwin

Men seem to be losing their masculinity for many reasons, and more husbands are now hen-pecked than ever before. Could this have something to do with the lack of more macho toys for boys? If you want little Johnny to grow up being testosterone filled, then the Sharpshooter remote controlled helicopter might be just the thing. This missile-firing toy comes with a dozen missiles for you to wreck havoc on …

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Addictaball offers new puzzle for brainacs

by Edwin

Folks who love nothing better than a good puzzle to wind down after a hard day’s work will find the Addictaball to be a decent alternative, as it comes in a small and large version to cater to different needs (at different prices, of course). This handheld game is not battery powered (now that’s a change!), which means you won’t get any fancy sound effects or flashing lights to go …

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VTech comes up with new range of toys

by Edwin

Kids love toys, and even when boys ge older, they too, have a wide range of toys that they would want to play with, albeit with a much more expensive price tag. VTech is back with a bang, offering a bunch of new toys at the International Toy Fair in New York City. Among the more notable toys talked about would be the MobiGo, a touch-screen handheld game console, while …

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Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR

by Ally

As a kid you always dream of those ultimate spy toys that allow for you to torture your siblings.  As an adult you might still want them, but it’s doubtful that you’ll feel reassured living with a  kid that owns one of those serious spy gadgets.  This TRAKR would be a whole lot of fun, just as long as you’re the one controlling it.  It’d be pure misery for anyone …

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Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure

by Edwin


Anyone who is remotely familiar with manga will definitely have heard about Astro Boy before, and this nifty little creation of a boy robot is now available in the form of an Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure. The Astro Boy Electronic Action Figure is almost as impressive as his on-screen alter ego. Featuring flashing arm cannons, light-up rocket boosters and powervision eyes, he’s ready to fight for peace and justice …

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