Fisher-Price Remot Controlled Ocean Wonders Mobile

by Ally

Mobiles for a baby were one thing I didn’t realize needed updating, but this one would come in very handy.  Instead of just having little dangly items that spin above their head, they’ve thrown in a few electronic extras.  All of which are sure to keep your baby fascinated and hopefully sooth them into a deep sleep.  All of that without you getting caught turning it on or off.

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Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

by Ally

The Philips Avent line already has a few different baby accessories for new parents to pick up.  Well this bottle warmer is one more from the series.  Although instead of just warming bottles, it’s actually capable of warming up baby food as well.  Which might not be enough to justify the gadget for some parents, but it could be useful to get you what you need much faster.

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Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

by Edwin

ThinkGeek is back with their Magnetic Accelerator Cannon which will play on the laws of Newtonian science, where it will definitely be something kids won’t mind checking out if they have a budding scientist’s mind. After all, it really isn’t that hard to put together, and does a pretty great job at illustrating what a magnetic accelerator would look like. It can be ready and armed within minutes without the …

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Sign of the Times: Little Tikes Kid-Friendly PC Workstation

by Mark R

I have a two year old child who loves to play on his mother’s laptop. Already, he knows how to access sites like and Disney’s website, and I can tell that by the time he is my age, he will be able to do more with computers than I ever will. At his age, he should be playing with Little Tikes, which is probably why the company has made …

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AK47 Aqua Fire

by Edwin

Spring might be here, but that is no excuse not to prepare for summer, especially if you have a particularly large yard for your kids to run about. Instead of having them cooped up all day sitting in front of the TV with a favorite video game, why not chase them outdoors just like Calvin’s dad in Calvin & Hobbes? Give them the AK47 Aqua Fire and they ought to …

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Legend of the Sikker

by Mark R

I never did use a Baby Monitor in my house, but if I did, I would definitely want to use the Sikker. The Sikker isn’t like the ones that are essentially over-priced walkie-talkies. At least, that’s what they were several years ago. I’m sure that mobile technology has improved since then. Anyway, what makes the Sikker different from other baby monitors is that it comes in the form of two …

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Taga Stroller Trike can now transform into a baby stroller

by Mark R

About a year ago, we covered the Taga Stroller Trike, which is essentially exactly what it says that it is: a way of putting your little kids on a much easier method of transport. As you can see from the video, the Taga can now transform from bike into stroller. This looks like a new feature, as I did not see that feature when I reported on it the first …

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Hexbug Nano

by Edwin

We’ve looked at the Hexbug in the past before, but here is an updated version – the Hexbug Nano. Judging by its name, you know that this newer model will come in a smaller form factor, where all you need to do is turn it on and it will start to move about randomly just like a standard bug, so make sure mom isn’t around otherwise she might just stomp …

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