Mario R/C Cars set to rock your (kids’) world

by Edwin

ThinkGeek aims to bring out the kid in you with the Mario R/C Cars set, where it will bring the game of Mario Kart into the real world. Of course, don’t expect these tiny R/C vehicles to be able to participate on tarmac tracks, but you can race on top of a kitchen table (we would personally prefer it to be done on the floor since it is small enough …

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Rechargeable Super R/C Land & Sea Amphibious Air Soft Battle Tank

by Edwin

Not too sure what you can get for Junior as a birthday present? We’re pretty sure that he wouldn’t mind bringing home the Rechargeable Super R/C Land & Sea Amphibious Air Soft Battle Tank from ThinkGeek – we’re pretty sure he will have a field day shooting everything in sight, with the family cat being the main victim as he pumps up to 200 BBs in the poor feline’s direction. …

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Roller Buggy raises safety concerns

by Mark R

My Source states that this Roller Buggy could be a bad idea, and I’m not certain. As someone who has a lot of log time pushing a baby or two around in a stroller, I could use something to make it easier. I guess the worry is that having an adult parent scoot their baby about brings up a lot of safety issues. I suppose that is why this is …

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RC Snap Circuits Rover

by Edwin

Kids today are smarter than ever (isn’t that the same with each new generation?), but how do you do your best to equip them when it comes to facing the future which will surely be even deeper into the world of electronics than where we are today? Well, ThinkGeek has thought up of a solution – the RC Snap Circuits Rover that will introduce them to the world of robots …

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Tetra Nightlight is cord-free

by Ally

With absolutely no cords attached to this light you can put it anywhere you like.  You won’t be restricted by the location of outlets within your home.  Just find a dark corner that you’d like to brighten and leave it there.  It’s actually made for a child’s room, but it won’t discriminate between adults and children.  It’d be happy to offer light to all ages.

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Nuvo giving away 15 Ritmo Pregnancy Sound Systems

by Ally

There is no end to products that could be added to the expectant mother wishlist.  It seems like the more new technology that’s released the longer and more impossible that list gets.  Thankfully Nuvo is helping you take off a decent chunk for those highly interested in the Ritmo, which would save you $129.  When you’re trying to get supplies for a new baby, that’s a huge help.  If you’re …

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Iron Man Arc Chest Light

by Edwin

Loved Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor? Well, you too can turn into an instant Iron Man with the Iron Man Arc Chest Light from ThinkGeek. This glowing plastic replica of the power generating arc reactor from the movies will certainly seem to give you a new lease of life, never mind that you do not have a health condition to worry about like Tony Stark’s. All you need to do is …

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Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter

by Edwin

Summer days are coming for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and it makes sense to prepare yourself (and your kids) for it by thinking of ways to make this the best summer of their lives. How about running around in the fields, playing with kites? Too boring for the digital generation, you might say, which is why we have the Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter that could very …

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