UV Bubblegun makes summer more fun

by Edwin

You should get your kids outdoors during summer instead of having them all cooped up at home, sitting in front of the telly and thumbing the PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers all day long. With the UV Bubblegun, it ought to get those toddlers and pre-teens excited and pry them away from the Wii, since £9.99 will net you one of this innovative bubble blowing guns that featuers some super-cool …

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Bananagrams word game helps drive you nuts

by Edwin

Love word games of all sorts? Then you might want to check out Bananagrams – yes, we know that for some of you out there, this is old hat, but there is nothing quite like seeing a retro item brought back to the limelight yet again. Bananagrams is a multi-award winning travel game that offers a much more frantic pace compared to Scrabble, and best of all is, there is …

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PhoneBook uses your iPhone

by Ally

If you have kids, then you’ve probably already discovered how much you can keep young children entertained with your phone.  Those of you with an iPhone or an iPod Touch can keep them entranced for even longer.  Well one company in Japan is taking that fascination one step further by creating a PhoneBook that works with your iPhone or iPod Touch to make your child’s book experience a little more …

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Leap Frog Leapster Explorer

by Mark R

I’ve reported on Leap Frog products before, such as the Didj and the Leapster II. They are terrific at making portable and electric gaming/educational toys for kids in the grade school years, and they just announced the Leapster Explorer Learning Experience yesterday. If you didn’t hear about it, I don’t blame you. After all, Apple had this new iPhone thing that they were all excited about. That effectively killed most …

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Day to Night Baby Log from Skip Hop

by Mark R

For some parents, they just have to log all the things the baby does in a baby book. I think we did that for our firstborn, but after the second, it sort of gets forgotten about. However, the Day to Night Baby Log is a baby book like no other. Not only is it set up for the parent to journal their baby’s activities, but it has a time capsule. …

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Swimways Submergency adds more fun during summer frolic

by Edwin

Hoping to get a water baby? Well, you will be pleased to note that the Swimways Submergency is a device which will encourage underwater play among kids (and adults who are adventurous enough, of course). Throw this into the pool and let the little ones attempt to dive and search for the Submergency underwater. Whoever finds it can deactivate it for added excitement in underwater play, and it works with …

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LED Pacifier

by Edwin

Start your little one off on the right track when it comes to partying with the LED Pacifier! This super cool LED Pacifier will certainly add to your geek credentials when you grow up and get married, as photos of you in your diapers sucking on one of these will definitely see the rest of your geeky friends let out a whoop. This is no toy, being a quality pacifier …

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Generator racing does away with batteries

by Edwin

Whenever you get stuff for your little ones, especially remote controlled toys, chances are the maintenance of said toy will burn a larger hole in your pocket than the original no thanks to it running on batteries. With the Generator Racing, using batteries are a thing of the past since this £39.95 purchase will rely on a manual power generator to generate the required juice for your race car to …

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