Star Wars FX Removable Blade Lightsabers

by Edwin

Can’t get enough of Star Wars even after the space opera has been in existence for a few decades? Well, here is another piece of authentic memories from the movie to tide you over until someone somewhere comes up with a new Star Wars movie or book. The Star Wars FX Removable Blade Lightsabers from ThinkGeek is very different from the rest that you’ve seen so far, especially since it …

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Intersecting Slot Car And Train Set

by Edwin

Buses and trains, cars and trucks. These are all favorite playthings for children, so why not get your holiday shopping done earlier this year with the Intersecting Slot Car And Train Set? It isn’t going to be cheap, mind you, burning a cool $299.95 in your pocket in the process, but at least this racing toy will bring together the throttle-happy thrill of a slot car set alongside the steady …

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Crossbow Pistol merges weapon technologies into one device

by Edwin

The ancient crossbow was a powerful ranged weapon, offering a range that is beyond that of the ordinary bow and arrow, but it had its drawbacks too, since it was heavy and cumbersome to tote around, and has a much slower rate of fire. Well, fast forward to today and you get the Crossbow Pistol, a £12.99 toy which would render the slingshot and pebbles setup for little ones obsolete. …

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Karate Copycat Challenge

by Edwin

Want to hone your reflexes, but don’t want to take chances by playing with a crab and its pincers? Enter the Karate Copycat Challenge, where this game will challenge players to use quick, karate-like hand movements in order to match sequences of flashing lights and music. There is a quartet of semi-circular rings in the device itself, were each of them will feature a curved light bar that illuminates according …

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Back Buddy

by Edwin

Love Star Wars? Then this Stormtrooper’s got your back – literally. Available for pre-order on the official Star Wars shop, this piece of merchandise is perfect for those who want to get back to school in style. While it has an official retail price tag of $45.99, placing a pre-order will help you save 20%, as it is estimated to ship when October rolls around. This impressive backpack measures 24″ …

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Blow-Up GoCrib

by Ally

The first thing you have to learn to do as a parent is to blow up random objects.  Actually, you might want to start practicing before you have kids to work those lungs out a little.  You can’t afford to not be prepared for these sorts of things.  Those of you that had blow-up chairs in high school will have a small amount of an edge.  The rest of you …

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Nimble Noggin Dexterity Challenge

by Edwin

Since our brain is a muscle, it goes without saying that giving it adequate exercise is important to have it chugging along nicely. The Nimble Noggin Dexterity Challenge from Hammacher offers you just that, where this game of skill will challenge little ones to maintain a steady hand over a robotic corkscrew course. All they need to do is to turn the crank to power up the robot’s internal dynamo, …

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Baby Spa Pool

by Ally

Getting kids comfortable with water isn’t exactly easy.  I thought my niece would be a fish by now since she’s constantly out at her Grandparent’s house where she has access to a pool, but instead she’s actually a little nervous around water.  This very fancy Baby Spa Pool was actually created for child care companies and might help kids be more comfortable with water.  It has a whole lot of …

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