Star Wars Stormtrooper Back Buddy

by Edwin

Love Star Wars? Then this Stormtrooper’s got your back – literally. Available for pre-order on the official Star Wars shop, this piece of merchandise is perfect for those who want to get back to school in style. While it has an official retail price tag of $45.99, placing a pre-order will help you save 20%, as it is estimated to ship when October rolls around. This impressive backpack measures 24″ …

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Blow-Up GoCrib

by Ally

The first thing you have to learn to do as a parent is to blow up random objects.  Actually, you might want to start practicing before you have kids to work those lungs out a little.  You can’t afford to not be prepared for these sorts of things.  Those of you that had blow-up chairs in high school will have a small amount of an edge.  The rest of you …

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Nimble Noggin Dexterity Challenge

by Edwin

Since our brain is a muscle, it goes without saying that giving it adequate exercise is important to have it chugging along nicely. The Nimble Noggin Dexterity Challenge from Hammacher offers you just that, where this game of skill will challenge little ones to maintain a steady hand over a robotic corkscrew course. All they need to do is to turn the crank to power up the robot’s internal dynamo, …

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Baby Spa Pool

by Ally

Getting kids comfortable with water isn’t exactly easy.  I thought my niece would be a fish by now since she’s constantly out at her Grandparent’s house where she has access to a pool, but instead she’s actually a little nervous around water.  This very fancy Baby Spa Pool was actually created for child care companies and might help kids be more comfortable with water.  It has a whole lot of …

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Remote Controlled Water Soaker

by Ally

Swimways offers all sorts of fun gadgets for out in the pool.  One of them has already made it onto Coolest Gadgets and this one is just as awesome as the last.  The other one was a game that required you to dive and search for the gadget as fast as possible.  This one allows you to attack just about anyone that happens to come within shooting distance of the …

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iSafe Bag with built-in alarm

by Ally

When kids are sent off to school, be it elementary, high school or college, parents are going to worry.  It just comes with the territory.  However, if you feel your kids could come into harm there are gadgets out there to help them out.  One of them is this iSafe bookbag that has a built-in alarm directly in the strap.  If the child is in trouble and needs help they …

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Scorpion Bow for little ones

by Edwin

Have some outdoor fun for the little ones this summer with the Scorpion Bow, where it might just turn Timmy into a future avid hunter. Capable of blasting arrows up to 40 feet away, it comes with half a dozen Mega Foam Arrows for you to play with. Chances are with kids being kids, they will most likely lose a couple of arrows down the road, so don’t get disheartened …

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Chatimals keeps the resident chatterbox quiet

by Edwin

Chatimals could very well be the next best thing your household could have if your little one seems to be the chatterbox in the family. You will be able to choose from a dinky looking hamster or a meerkat friend depending on your taste, where it is smart enough to retain whatever you say to it, repeating incessantly in a slightly patronizing voice. Want them to speak up? Just give …

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