Power Plug Concept Cover for little fingers

by Ally

The idea that your house could ever be completely childproof is a bit of a pipe dream.  Sure, you can make it a whole lot safer, but there are always things you never would have thought could cause an injury.  The idea is to keep those injuries minimal and try to make them happen as little as possible.  One area that hasn’t been taken care of is when a metal …

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Ithaca College Tots program uses Wii Balance Board

by Mark R

I’m sure that most of our readers who are parents know how important it is when a child learns to walk. I have three young children who have gone through that particular rite of passage, but I take for granted that there are a lot of toddlers who can’t walk at all. In all honesty, I am not certain I would know how to raise a child that couldn’t learn …

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Bananas Apebot to entertain kids (and adults)

by Edwin

Want to get aboard the robot revolution bandwagon? Let the Bananas Apebot help you out – boasting technological pedigree from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, it relies on a special method of locomotion to enable it to balance on its spiraling arms, resulting in exceptional speed and power on carpet, hardwood, or even dirt. The Bananas Apebot is also full well capable of amusing itself via tap dancing, humming a …

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MP3 Teddy Bear appeals to all ages

by Edwin

There is just something about a teddy bear that can break down walls of conflict between warring factions, never mind if we’re talking about boyfriend and girlfriend or mother and child. The MP3 Teddy Bear keeps things up to date despite being a plush teddy, boasting an integrated MP3 player as well as an internal speaker that should be enough to keep your ears occupied. Heck, the MP3 Teddy Bear …

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Okideoke Karaoke Microphone

by Edwin

Love all things karaoke and have that interest rubbed off on your little ones? You might want to consider the Okideoke Karaoke Microphone seeing action in your home then – or should we say, hearing action? Retailing for $21.99 a pop, the Okideoke Karaoke Microphone is colorful enough to attract a kid’s attention, where it will go about amplifying your little one’s voice. Of course, some parents might think that …

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Hellophone for your little one

by Edwin

You might have a smartphone with your spouse holding another, so why not make sure Junior gets off on the right footing with the Hellophone? Touted to be baby’s first smartphone, this unique toy allows one to record a voice, letting baby figure it out for him/herself, or you can always leave a soothing message for your progeny whenever you’re away. Apart from that, it also keeps baby away from …

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BellyBuds Pregnancy Bellyphones

by Ally

Mom’s have been talking about the benefits of playing music for babies for quite some time.  With these Bellybuds you can play music for just the baby no matter where you’re at.  With the pair of Bellybuds attached to your stomach the music won’t be able to be heard by the rest of the room.  Plus since they’re just a pair of earphones for your belly, you can hand pick …

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LEGO TECHNIC Motorized Excavator

by Edwin

Love building stuff of your own? The LEGO TECHNIC Motorized Excavator should not only be able to satisfy you, but your child as well. Of course, for something as complex as this, we would not expect him or her to be that young, but rather, at least 12 years old and above. After all, making a $199.99 purchase decision is never going to be easy for anyone especially in this …

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