Fisher-Price Retro Classics

by Edwin

Going retro is something that happens all the time, be it in the world of fashion or otherwise. Even tech takes a step back in terms of design (but not functionality, mind you). The Fisher-Price Retro Classics that you see here are pretty good examples of a bygone era. We probably think that kids these days won’t even take a second look at the Chatter Telephone, the Teaching Clock or …

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Geospace Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo

by Ally

Not even the classic pogo stick could be overlooked when it comes to giving it an update to suit a new generation.  It’d be absolutely dull for kids to play with the same toys generation after generation.  Thankfully, toys can be altered just a touch and given a little bit of an upgrade.  This anti-gravity pogo stick will allow for kids to bounce into the air and feel superior to …

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Kid’s Walker exo-suit for kids

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we reported on the real-life XOS 2 Iron-Man suit a few days ago. I suppose this would be the kids-size version. This is the Kid’s Walker, which has a height of 5 1/4 feet. I suppose that is pretty tall if you are a kid. I’m not certain if you really want to put your kid in this suit. Seriously, if you think the …

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Star Wars cuddlies speak up

by Edwin

There is just something about the Star Wars space opera that has had its fair share of fans with each passing generation (so far). Having made its debut a good 30 years ago, we wonder just how much farther can this cash cow be milked? Well, for quite some time more, we suspect. Just check out these Star Wars cuddlies that won’t break the bank at £29.99 each, where you …

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Fast Track Race in a Case

by Edwin

Love living life in the fast lane? Then you will most probably find the Fast Track Race in a Case one handy piece of work. This £19.99 purchase literally allows you to set up a race within seconds, but of course you will need an adequate amount of batteries to get it going. With this, you can tear up the tarmac (well, plastic would be a much more appropriate and …

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Death Star Planterium lets you look into the Star Wars galaxy

by Edwin

The mind of a child is a truly wondrous thing, or something in the same vein was muttered by Master Yoda back in Attack of the Clones when Obi-Wan was trying to locate the Kamino system in the Jedi archives. Well, you can let your imagination run free and child-like with the Death Star Planterium, a device that is capable of turning your dark room into that of the Star …

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AnyBook DRP-4000 lets you record reading for your kids

by Mark R

There is something magical about reading to a kid. You can get a real special feeling from that. However, you might notice that after the one thousandth time, the specialness really wears off. I guess kids have this ability to hear or watch things over and over again and don’t get sick of them. I suppose you could get a PMP or a Teddy Ruxpin to read them the story, …

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Da Vinci’s Wood Catapult Kit

by Edwin

Uncle Leo was one of the greatest thinkers in the history of mankind, and he has dipped his fingers in a range of disciplines including science and art. Well, you can now own a piece of Leonardo’s work in the form of the Da Vinci’s Wood Catapult Kit. Basically, it allows you to construct your very own catapult based on Da Vinci’s original plans. You need not have any previous …

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