LEGO Angry Birds

by Edwin

Well well, what else can we say about the Angry Birds phenomenon that seemed to have swept across the whole world, starting off with the iOS platform before it hit the other markets? Here we have the Angry Birds franchise appear in all its blocky glory, making you wonder whether that is what the game would look like if it were to be translated into an 8-bit program. We’re talking …

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Angry Birds Backpack Clips

by Edwin

The Angry Birds phenomenon continues here on Coolest Gadgets with the Angry Birds Backpack Clips, where the name itself is pretty much self-explanatory. After all, who could resist these cute little buggers, especially when one is angry? These backpack clips will work as they are named, coming in the form of yellow, blue and red birds, although the blue one still comes as a solitary flyer instead of splitting into …

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Angry Birds Mini Plush with Sound

by Edwin

You know that CES 2011 saw Mattel introduce the Angry Birds game in the analog world – yup, that’s right, we now have Angry Birds in the real world where you will need to painstakingly stack up a bunch of wood, glass and stone pieces (they’re all made out of plastic actually, just differentiated by their texture and color), while stashing away the evil pigs before letting loose a torrent …

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Sackboy Computer Gear

by Edwin

Now here is something that will certainly ramp up the cute meter – the Sackboy Computer Gear. Those who are familiar with the PS3 hit game, LittleBigPlanet, will certainly be smitten that what used to be a fantasy is now reality – as you can re-enact his pixellated shenanigans in the real world, limited only by your imagination. This highly customizable toy has gained iconic status pretty quickly, and since …

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ViNCi, a tablet PC for babies!

by Mark R

While I was walking along CES 2011, I tend to gravitate toward the booths that interest me personally. Such was the case with the ViNCi Tab. This is not one of the eighty tablet PCs that took up space at CES. The whole reason I was attracted to it was because it looked to be a giant iPod Touch designed for a toddler. As the parent of a toddler, I …

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Razor Dirt Rocket MX 350

by Edwin

Have more than 300 quid to spend this Christmas but do not know where to redirect that fund? Well, what if we told you that £329.95 will be able to net you some dirt bike action in the form of the Razor Dirt Rocket MX 350? This off-road ride will be the perfect introduction for those who are not afraid of the dirt, where it is a scaled down, electric …

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LEGO City Airport

by Edwin

Do you love hanging out at airports? The departure hall tends to be of a more sombre mood compared to the arrival area, and for obvious reasons. Well, if you want to let your imagination run wild, why not check out the £74.99 LEGO City Airport? It will certainly make you wonder just how much work and thought went into building an airport – and from scratch, at that. This …

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StroboTop Light Phase Animator

by Edwin

Do you still have that little kid in you, making sure that your next Christmas purchase for your son will also be something that you are able to keep yourself entertained with? Perhaps you might be curious to check out the StroboTop Light Phase Animator, where this unique top can be spun, followed by shooting it with the right light in order to experience a new kind of animation. All …

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