Chewbacca Talking 15″ Plush

by Edwin

Gotta love the tag line of this plush toy – “From a galaxy fur fur away…”. Well, everyone knows the George Lucas has more than enough money to spend over a few lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean the master sci-fi storyteller (some might beg to differ) thinks that he has enough dosh in the bank – otherwise, why would he come out and say that he will release all six …

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Glux – Because You Really Do Need It

by Julie

I guess it all started with Play-Doh, then we had modeling clay, then came the ultimate moldable time killer, Silly Putty. I used to spend hours making it bounce, pressing it into the Sunday funnies and stretching out all the faces and then, well, that was about it. We have had a few interesting new compounds, but nothing that could kill a Sunday like Silly Putty. Until now… Enter the …

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Triops – Move Over Sea Monkeys!

by Julie

Remember Sea-Monkeys? I couldn’t wait to set up my little plastic tank and hatch my own little sea monkey family, and teach them all the tricks listed on the box, and feed them, and take them places, and I would have done all those things too… if I ever got to see the suckers. I know they were there, little tiny pinpoints spotted in the sunlight, but they were so …

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Computer Engineer Barbie – Does Barbie like Windows?

by Julie

I have to admit that as a kid I was never a Barbie fan, and all that Ken business, I for one was glad when they broke-up. I always wondered why they never made “perfect divorce Barbie” She could have come with the Dream House, the Corvette and most of Ken’s stuff, including half his paycheck,   but no, they made baby-sitter Barbie, ballerina Barbie and dog groomer Barbie, dolls …

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Fijit Friends – Robots for Girls

by Julie

It’s no surprise that kids flock towards interactive toys. I remember when the closest thing I had to interactive toy was a my Rock Flowers doll, she would attach to the top of a little yellow record that every doll came with, and she would spin on top of your record player for as long as you left the darn thing on. I would dance with “Lilac” for hours. Forget …

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Children’s Water Ski Trainer

by Edwin

If your little ones want to pick up water skiing, how do you break their hearts and tell them “No”? Just like most parents out there who intend to give the best to their kids, you too, might want to consider what Hammacher has up their sleeves with the Children’s Water Ski Trainer. This is an inflatable trainer which will go some way in letting that little progeny of yours …

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Tie-NOT… Simple, Patented, Ingenious

by Julie

I know it’s the dead of winter and it’s hard to remember what it’s like every summer, when the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining and you’re outside with the grill going and the kids are throwing around some water balloons and… MOMMY! Will you tie this for me? I can barely tie a water ballon, how can a 7 year old? Well, sit back and relax with your …

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Treefies – Play the Game, Save the Planet

by Julie

Every toy these days seems to have an on-line world where you can design a room, change outfits and plant a pumpkin, but I’m not sure anyone is learning anything. Virtual worlds have become part of doing business for toymakers, but what are our kids getting out of it? Well, here’s a new collectable plush toy with a twist, meet Treefies. Everytime you purchase aTreefie you get a tree is …

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