GoLiveCampus.com – YouTube at School?

by Julie

My daughter is only 8 and she came home from school the other day asking if she could get on the computer and I allowed it. In the 2 minutes it took for me to check on what she was looking for, she had hit YouTube.com and was watching (and dancing to) a suggestive rap video, it seems she learned about YouTube at school, from her music teacher. Great. I …

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Backyard Helitotter for your kids this summer

by Edwin

Summer is a time where kids go out to play, although more and more children these days tend to stay cooped up in the confines of their homes simply because of the latest hit title on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Well, before they are addicted to video game consoles, you might want to do your part in making sure they love the outdoors, by starting with the Backyard Helitotter. …

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Redakai Trading Cards – New Cartoon, Cool Game

by Julie

I’m sure most of us are all too familiar with Bakugan, the wildly successful Spin Master Ltd. property. Well, the company wants to wow us again by introducing us to a brand new boys action series, Redakai: Conquer The Kairu. A co-production between Spin Master and Zodiak Kids/Marathon Media, the televised series will debut on the Cartoon Network in the U.S. in the second half of 2011. Immediately after the series’ …

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Fly like an eagle with Hammacher

by Edwin

Remember the R. Kelly hit song, “Fly like an eagle”? Well, with those living in the northern hemisphere swinging into spring, it makes perfect sense to start planning on how you are going to spend more time outdoors with your loved ones – be it a picnic or just playing catch. Well, Hammacher has a new toy for you to, er, toy around with, where we’re talking about the 9 …

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Chewbacca Talking 15″ Plush

by Edwin

Gotta love the tag line of this plush toy – “From a galaxy fur fur away…”. Well, everyone knows the George Lucas has more than enough money to spend over a few lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean the master sci-fi storyteller (some might beg to differ) thinks that he has enough dosh in the bank – otherwise, why would he come out and say that he will release all six …

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Glux – Because You Really Do Need It

by Julie

I guess it all started with Play-Doh, then we had modeling clay, then came the ultimate moldable time killer, Silly Putty. I used to spend hours making it bounce, pressing it into the Sunday funnies and stretching out all the faces and then, well, that was about it. We have had a few interesting new compounds, but nothing that could kill a Sunday like Silly Putty. Until now… Enter the …

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Triops – Move Over Sea Monkeys!

by Julie

Remember Sea-Monkeys? I couldn’t wait to set up my little plastic tank and hatch my own little sea monkey family, and teach them all the tricks listed on the box, and feed them, and take them places, and I would have done all those things too… if I ever got to see the suckers. I know they were there, little tiny pinpoints spotted in the sunlight, but they were so …

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Computer Engineer Barbie – Does Barbie like Windows?

by Julie

I have to admit that as a kid I was never a Barbie fan, and all that Ken business, I for one was glad when they broke-up. I always wondered why they never made “perfect divorce Barbie” She could have come with the Dream House, the Corvette and most of Ken’s stuff, including half his paycheck,   but no, they made baby-sitter Barbie, ballerina Barbie and dog groomer Barbie, dolls …

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