Hide & Seek Plush Monkey

by Edwin

Hide & Seek used to involve a bunch of giggling children, and it works best if they are at a really, really large house. Well, it seems that the tables have turned with the tide of technology – just take a gander at the Hide & Seek Plush Monkey and tell us otherwise. This $34.95 purchase intends to be the perfect hide and seek companion for your little one. You …

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Waboba Street Ball

by Edwin

The weather is getting better and better for some outdoor fun with your kids, so you might want to take into consideration purchases that are geared towards the outdoors instead of letting little Johnny get cooped up all day long in front of the video game console. Enter the Waboba Street Ball, where this £5.99 purchase looks very simple in its bright colors, but since it is covered in symmetrical …

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Perplexus 3D Game Maze – Kill Time, Not your Kids

by Julie

I need to take a trip to North Carolina in a few weeks, and from NYC, we’re talking just under 10 hours in the car. Keeping my kid entertained for a 20 minute trip to the mall is a little tough, 10 hours is going to be insane.There are only so many times “I spy with my little eye…” can keep ANY kid entertained and let’s face it by the …

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Accidentally Ingest some Poison? – There’s an App for That

by Julie

What do you do if your kid drinks acetone? is stung by a jellyfish or drinks bleach? Do you induce vomiting? and what would be the best way to do that? Now, everyone with a smartphone can immediately find answers to these types of questions and more, by using the new SOS Poison app. This app is now available for your iPhone. The SOS Poison application for smartphones contains an …

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Children’s Water Ski Trainer

by Edwin

Have you read the Water Babies? For those of you who grew up during the last decade of the previous century, there is a chance that you might have come across that tome in your reading list, but the chances of that happening is pretty slim, I do admit. Guess you can more or less make a guesstimate of my age by me bringing up the Water Babies, but there …

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DaGeDar Supercharged Battle Balls Started Rolling In Today…

by Julie

Cepia LLC, the makers of everybody’s favorite ZhuZhu Pets, have taken the age old game of marbles and brought it into the new millenium. DaGeDar supercharged battle balls combine speed, skill, competition and encourage strategy all in a collectible racing game that lets kids set the rules. DaGeDar just launched in Phoenix but won’t be hitting a store near you until this summer. DaGeDar (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR) collectible supercharged battle balls …

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5″ Angry Birds Plush with Sound

by Edwin

Now this is one cash cow – or should I say, cash bird, that needs to be milked for all it is worth while still possible? I’m talking about the Angry Birds franchise, where you will now be able to carry those pesky avian friends in the comfort of your bosom while letting out their signature sound – sans the creaking of the catapult, of course. The 5″ Angry Birds …

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Nerf Dart Tag 2 Player Set

by Edwin

The sun is shining brightly on the outside, and just what the heck are you doing sitting all cooped up in your living room, keeping your fingers crossed that the PlayStation Network connection would be restored so that you can get back to your game of Portal 2? Why not take a good look around you, and bring your kid (or little brother) outside to have some time of bonding …

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