Life-sized Pin Pressions makes it even more fun

by Mark R

I’m sure that a lot of you have one of those Pin Pressions things at home, so you can press your hand or face to it and get a metallic and pointillist view of your own body parts. Just imagine yourself being able to go life-size with this type of technology. This is what has been done by Lulu Guinness, who created a giant pin art display, and encouraged people …

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Road Kill Toys

by Edwin

Everyone knows that road kill is not pretty at all, but somehow, the folks over at Firebox have managed to find a quirky way to talk about death to the younger ones, thanks to the Road Kill Toys. These have already had their souls gone over to teddy heaven, but the physical visage left behind which is none too pretty remains. At 24.99 a pop, you can forget about getting …

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Solitaire Chess

by Edwin

If you’re a chess whizz kid who absolutely hates to lose, then you might find yourself preserving your unbeaten track record among your peers – but that’s because no one wants to play with you because you’re such a sore loser. Or it could be you’re just too good, and not a gracious winner at all. Well, guess you will just have to play with yourself then, and since chess …

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Dr Who Ride On Dalek

by Edwin

Dr Who fans, here is something you might want to get your for kids – especially if they have yet to find the same love as you for the TV series. Supposing you fork out 199.99 for this Dr Who Ride On Dalek, which hopefully, will make them see what a cool parent you are, and turning their allegiance from Glee to a much more serious TV series. This Dalek …

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Pedal Powered School Bus ready to combat childhood obesity

by Mark R

I believe that I have said it before, but children have all this energy that adults actually need. I figure that you might as well tap into that energy in this pedal powered school bus! This bus, powered by Flintstones Kids technology, is made in the Netherlands by De Cafe Racer. It has room for about ten kids, and they will be put to work. Oh man, this would solve …

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Jakks Pacific Plug-and-Play Video Games

by Mark R

We have reported on items from Jakks Pacific before, and I had a chance to try out three of their Plug and Play video games. All three of them plug into the television with white and yellow composite cables, and they are all pretty fun. The first is the Pac-man Retro Arcade, which is a joystick that brings back the goodness of the arcade. Not only is Pac-man available, but …

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You probably won’t catch me wearing these glasses at the Transformers 3-D movie

by Mark R

The third Transformers film, Dark Side of the Moon, is coming out this week, and it is no surprise that it is in 3-D. Hasbro is all ready for the release with all kinds of toys, and this is one of them, specially made 3-D glasses. As my headline states, there is no way that I will be wearing in the theater, even though the multiplex charges a price of …

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Sip N Spoon Set

by Al

We saw the Spork in the past, which is the merging of a spoon and a fork to help you save on cutlery, but how about the Sip N Spoon set? The name itself gives the game away, and while it won’t sound as cool as Spork, it will still boast a dual function. Usually, when you have some delicious watery soup that you just love to gobble down, you …

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