Cleanwater Baby Bathtub goes high tech with temperature reading

by Edwin

I would say that it is confirmed that babies, while they smell really nice, do get dirty – and often, too. Instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, why not make sure you keep baby smelling nice and looking clean with the new Cleanwater Baby Bathtub? This particular device that ought to capture the attention of new parents takes the high tech route by offering a color-coded digital …

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Water Wizard Buddha Board for Kids

by Edwin

The only thing constant about life would be change – and that again, we have a sense of impermanence for everything. Nothing lasts forever after all, not even diamonds, although those can be handed down to your descendants to the 10th generation if you’re careful enough. The Water Wizard Buddha Board for Kids from ThinkGeek is the perfect purchase to deliver a lesson on impermanence. You will take the water …

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AppToyz Blaster

by Edwin

The iPhone is one smart device that has its fair share of apps which many folks think it can do just about anything, but what about helping save the earth from the threat of an alien invasion? Sure, we have seen such a scenario unfold many times over in the past on the silver screen, but when you think about it in terms of a mobile perspective, this is where …

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QuickSmart Stroller folds into backpack

by Mark R

Some of you might be thinking: so QuickSmart invented a stroller that turns into a backpack. So what? Clearly, you have never been a parent. When you have a young one who needs a stroller, this young one can suddenly get fussy and want out of the stroller. Then you have to watch the young one and the stroller. However, if you could just put the stroller on your back, …

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Tie Knot Water Balloon Filler

by Edwin

Since summer is in full swing, it makes perfect sense if your little ones want to get involved in some outdoor activity – which is what you would want them to do anyways, instead of being cooped up in front of the idiot box, video gaming their time away on an activity that promotes dormancy instead of burning those calories outdoors. Water balloon fights can be fun, and the team …

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Petron Fun Crossbow

by Edwin

So we took a look at the Petron Hand Bow yesterday, and for those who want a little bit more kick in their modern update to medieval weapons, here is the Petron Fun Crossbow. At 14.99 a pop, this lightweight weapon hails from a less civilized age, and will be able to deliver a satisfying twang whenever you opt to let fly a sucker-tipped projectile towards your target. Some assembly …

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X2 Water Blaster

by Edwin

Since we are right smack in the middle of summer, surely the rising temperatures will send you to cool off somewhere at a retreat, or perhaps for you to take up the sport of swimming, and even chilling out at a nearby waterfall. For those who have kids who do not want to go out and smell the flowers, but prefer to remain cooped up at home, enjoying the latest …

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Bop It! XT adds more fun than normal

by Edwin

Remember the original Bop It! game? Well, the Bop It! XT which retails for 27.99 intends to add more depth to what was already a fun activity. Basically, this “game” is extremely addictive as it involves the follow-the-leader-style, requiring players to manipulate a rather wacky selection of extremities within a particular time frame, where they are timed to an ever increasing musical cacophony. With Bop It! XT, the situation has …

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