U.S. Presidents Talking Game

by Edwin

Presidents talk, and they talk a lot. What we’re more interested in is whether they walk their talk or not (and this does not apply to just presidents but everyone else whom we are in contact with regardless of social order), but today, we won’t be reviewing just what our presidents have done. No sir, this particular game will help us remember interesting details about each president’s life, and coming …

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Carrera Slot Car Race Set

by Edwin

Toys for boys – you will definitely need something that can capture their attention in a jiffy, not to mention being made out of hardy enough a material so that they can withstand all the abuse and temper tantrums from your little one. If you want to have your kid remain mesmerized for some time without moving or fidgeting about (which you think would be a miracle), here is the …

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R/C Air Swimmers Flying Sea Life

by Edwin

Sharks belong in the water, don’t they? And they need to continue swimming in order to stay alive, even when they’re asleep. Well, most of us know that, but to have a shark “swim” in the air? That certainly sounds out of whack, but this is what ThinkGeek offers with the $39.99 R/C Air Swimmers Flying Sea Life. Yes sir, made out of durable, high-quality nylon material, this unique piece …

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Tidy Ruler for the super neat

by Edwin

There are many different kinds of people in this world with various personalities, and all of us do things in our very own quirky way (which we deem as ‘normal’, of course). Well, some of us are extremely tidy, and would love to have everything in its proper place, being incapable of standing just a bit of a mess, while others feel that being more ‘random’ (that’s a nice way …

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Maze Racer tickles the mind

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like a brain teaser to get the good ol’ grey matter going, especially when you are in the middle of the work week and need to look towards other sources of inspiration if you happen to hit a road block mentally at the office. Why not take five with the $19.99 Maze Racer? Of course, this is actually meant for small kids, but at least you …

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A Car Seat Rocker, courtesy of Ben Heck with Android ADK!

by Mark R

I’m sure that most of our readers are familiar with Ben Heck. If not, he is an online celebrity who is most famous for his mods, usually for video games. Ben Heck recently took a request from a viewer to make a seat that will help rock his child to sleep. It will simulate the ride of a carseat in a car. Sometimes this helps a little one fall asleep, …

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Rocket Launcher accessory for Bigtrak and Bigtrak Junior

by Edwin

Remember the Bigtrak that we covered a while ago? Well, it is nice to know that boys too, can accessorize their toys – and without getting the help of stuff like make-up and miniature dresses. What we want are more testosterone-laden stuff – and if that does not include weapons of mass destruction that has a wanton disregard for imaginary human life, so much the better. Enter the Rocket Launcher …

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The Zike, world’s first hybrid scooter

by Mark R

If you are too old for a trike, and love to ride a bike, maybe you would like a Zike. I realize that intro sounds like something Dr. Seuss would write, but the Zike is a real product, and is the world’s first hybrid scooter. I suppose by “hybrid scooter”, the company means it is the first product to successfully combine a scooter, bicycle, and stair-stepper together. Inventor Nathan Scolari …

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